Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Friends and Games

We wiled away a good part of the day today catching up with friends who are on summer break from Christmas is always lovely to spend time with friends and chat about everything and nothing even though time passes between visits.
The visit was made all the more enjoyable watching the kids play so well and happily together.
We also have a family challenge going on for the next three weeks.....did I say challenge I meant enrichment exercise.
No TV for three weeks...I thought this would be easy -I don't watch much TV! How hard can it be!
Well I guess every habit needs three days to break....the kids are going through a little withdrawal- no movies Fraser!(well maybe we will have a family movie night on the weekend) so until then we will continue to stay busy going fishing, playing lego, reading books, finding treasure, swimming at the beach and maybe just a little WII playing (technically not TV watching!)
So to help us along we have some new games to help enrich our time...

Oh but the house is so quiet at night...what is that you say ? Just like it ought to be?


  1. Having just had a battle to convince our kids to turn the TV off to eat breakfast I am sure you will have a few challenges! Mark says Wii and movie night are definate cheats!

  2. best thing we ever did. TV destroys your soul. Well maybe not that dramatic but well worth a break every now and then.


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