Monday, June 30, 2014

Seventy Cents

Who knew it cost 70c to post a letter....send it snail mail...

Not me...I was sure they were still 55c maybe 60c....

I bought some today ..I have been penning some friends in far away places...

It feels good to scribble out some words....about us, what we are all doing.

I miss getting snail mail in my letterbox....I hope I make my friend's days as they get my letter along side of the bills that are sure to be there too.

Saturday, June 28, 2014


 Him: Perfecting the art of cutting bait.

Her: She has the attention of her adoring cousins.

Joining in with Jodi's project

Thursday Thankful List

* Wedding anniversaries

* Anniversary dinners cooked by our teenager

* Semester showcases of work

* Afternoon tea served by my boy in his classroom

* A new baby born

* An opportunity to cook some food for that newborn"s family

* A volunteering opportunity that will take me way out of my comfort zone

* Unexpected meeting of old acquaintances

* Families who support each other

* Watching the mesmerised faces of my nieces

* A week closer to school holidays

* A long lazy sleep in to START the week

* Soccer wins

* Ballet parent days

* Finding a gift for a teen in the very first shop we enter

* Impromptu fishing for dad and son

#626 The invention of thermals and beanies to kit out a soccer mum

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Dear .....

To my love,

When we embarked on this journey called marriage, did we ever really imagine that it could be possible to be here 26 years later. Did we see this night, that dinner would be cooked by our teenage daughter eager to please?
This journey has had some big hurdles that we never imagined we would ever have to jump, some obstacles that tried their hardest to stop us in our tracks. The emotional  pathway has even been too tough to cope with at times.
But whether we saw any of it coming or not , we are here.  26 years later, armed with a lifetime of experiences, memories and  lots of glue that is still holding it all together.

That glue is the love you have for me and the love I have for you!  That love hasn't always oozed sweet and gooey but it is stronger than anything we have had thrown at us. I know that right now life is throwing more curve balls but the strength that has gotten us through before will be what helps us tackle these new challenges head on. 

All I know is that you are awesome...and as we head another year into this partnership we will do it together. The kids are watching us and they will know that we have something to be valued. That they are a big part of the fabric of this family we have created and although we probably never really put into words all those years ago what it would all look like.....
We are here and it looks like it does because we have made a commitment.

So my love...happy anniversary....and  here's to so many more memorable moments and embracing the unknown that is around the corner.

Love ya heaps

P.S Are you sure we can't head back to New Zealand and recreate the fun we had last anniversary?????

Monday, June 23, 2014


Him: Amazing what the imagination can do when there is a technology ban fast.

Her: Perfecting the ballet art form.

Joining in with Jodi's Project

7 Ways to Beat the "the funk"

Here are my tips for beating that funky feeling that can hold us hostage.....

1. Get to and refill the cupboards with good food- make sure you get it done early in the day out of the way

2. Get yourself to the beauty spa for that massage that a dear friend had booked you in for.

3. On returning home warm the house up to the max.

4. Make sure there is a little chocolate lying around.

5. Break out some new writing paper and pen the letter to friends that is way overdue.

6. Bake and cook a meal with extras for a family who is need.

7. Download a new book to start reading that will be good for your soul.

A Bonus Tip: Be kind to yourself and completely ignore or the house work that is screaming your name.

( Well this worked for me on Friday...I headed into the weekend feeling a little less funky)

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Thursday Thankful List

* The most warming sun in the middle of the day

* Birthday lunch celebrations

* A free lunch for that birthday boy

* Handsome "birthdaying" husbands

* Winning soccer goals

* The call to cancel training...saving me from a cold frosty hour on the oval

* The most magnificent cloud formations early in the morning

* The equally stunning sunset colours at the end of the day

* Impromptu drop ins on my very cute and cheeky nieces and nephews

* The most beautiful friends who know just what it is you need

* The kindness left here in this space.

* Chocolate cake

#609 Cherry Ripe/Turkish Delight combination chocolate bars    

Yay I needed this little list making today...thanks for popping in and checking it out.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


I feel lost...lost in the jumble that is my head space......

I just realised that my gorgeous husband had a birthday on the weekend and I hadn't even looked at the pics that I snapped at the family gathering that we had.

That overwhelmed, noisy space that I am feeling spilling over into every part of life....

The noise of manoeuvrings through the subject selection for our soon to be Year eleven child...

The noise of a husband who doesn't know if his job will be ending next week, next month or next year....only know that it is coming to an end.... 

The noise of a strong, extremely good negotiating nine year old who I have sent to bed with a sore behind tonight over a battle that shouldn't have been....

The noise of figuring out what we do with a home that has big structural issues we can't ignore any longer...

or the noise that I wish I had more time to be doing something more for those who need it...both those I know and those who are strangers to us.... 

more time , more time, more time.....or a way to figure out how to use the time I already have more efficiently.

All this making it hard to be creative, to get yummy looking food on the dinner table, make the unique gift for a friend, to take beautiful pics, to have clean and clutter free places in our home, to write some handwritten snail mail to some friends in distant places to tell them I think of them often.

I know it is just a that will pass...all the noise will quieten and I will see clearly again and find inspiration. I will be less grouchy and more patient with those I love the most.

I so desperately want to savor each and every moment .....but I let the noise stop me from doing that......I will be back tomorrow with my Thursday Thankful List....the thing that keeps pointing me back to the many blessing in my life.....reminding me that I am not in this alone 

The answer isn't to climb in under the doona and wait for the sunny days to return, but to remind myself of the big picture, remember to breathe and know the hope I have in Him to bring order and peace back into everyday life.

Sunday, June 15, 2014


Him: Loves riding his bike..rain hail or shine.

Her: "I wish time would slow down" - mum

Joining in with Jodi's project here

Thursday Thankful List.....very late

* Swimming levels passed

* The magic of flour and water at playgroup

* Pumpkin scones

* Some answers to a problem

* Coffee dates to make to do lists

* Kids who can independently make their way to school

* The end of this round of exams

#596 Sitting for an hour in the quiet while waiting for ballet to finish

My other lists are here if you would like to check them out....or maybe you would like to join me...leave a link in the comments and I will pop over and say hello.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Ten On Ten - June 2014

The Tenth Day of June...I took ten photos 

An early start to drive my man to work...the day was dark and dirty...

A work day for me...a slow cooker meal today a must....

Supplies checked and double checked for the activity at playgroup today...

My little bad weather was going to deter his independence....

The play dough making by the families at playgroup today was a success

Soccer training straight after school...

It required me to sit on the sidelines and freeze today..

Gifted organic my mum's CWA cookbook.....equals pumpkin scones for supper.

Another month gone....joining in with Rebekah


Monday, June 9, 2014

and that was the weekend.....

Laid back yet full to overflowing.......

that was the weekend..... 

Zucchini slice, brownies and banana bread baked for two families welcoming new little ones....

Soccer matches....opportunities to encourage team mates from the sidelines....

Chocolate covered popcorn and pretzel treats for watching a movie on the couch...

...and being given a home grown pumpkin that will be made into soup, scones and maybe even something to bless someone else...

So Happy Monday to you and here's to a week full of goodness and the unpredictable.

Joining in with Em at The Beetle Shack


Sunday, June 8, 2014


Him: If it is there to climb...he will

Her: Caught a sneaky pic in the reflection of the car window

Joining in with Jodi's Project

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Thursday Thankful List

* Crisp cold mornings

* Long weekends

* Quick sales on gumtree

* Team work to dissemble furniture

* The fun or rearranging rooms

* Two new babies born to lovely families 

* The feeling that study has paid off

* The ability to be young enough to enjoy winter swimming lessons

* Hearty Pea and Ham Soup

* Impromptu catch ups with family

* Sharing a cuppa with a friend

* An organised motivated nine year old...well for a couple of days

* Applications filled out and ready to post

*  Picking veggies straight from the garden

* A few more bags hauled off to the op shop....

#588 The restraint to not enter the op shop and bring anything home!

My other lists can be seen here.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Is it tough to get going in the mornings at your place too??

(we may have to address the bedside table soon)

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A long Weekend

Saturdays filled with sport and Dance....

A warm winter sun shone on us all weekend...

An abundance of Lemonades waiting to be eaten or shared...

Picking some of the very few bits of colour in the garden at the moment....

Finish the long weekend with a quiche.....

What the pics don't show is the amount of furniture we dismantled and shuffled between bedrooms and the moves that now reveal painting and decorating that needs to be done....

A long extra day...oh so lovely....but I just need today to be Monday so I can do Monday things.......

Joining in with Em at The Beetle Shack


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