Thursday, July 28, 2016

Days gone by....

Why is it that the days come and go so fast...something that was present or coming is gone and in the past so fast?

It was just school holidays two weeks ago......something that we look forward to greatly in this house......and now...
they are two weeks ago.
We are swallowed back up into the school/work routine and all the things that also claw at our time outside of those staples.

I did head away with a sister ,nephews and  my boy , a friend and her boy for a couple of boy stayed on for the week with his cousins as I had some pressing business to attend too 

The week beside the seaside began cold........and just got colder and colder.....
My sister is a trooper and by then my other sister had joined her and they toughed out the winter break with 8 kids between them.

But my couple of days was filled with cold but also relaxing hangout time with girl friends...eating chocolate, cheese and playing board games while the crazy kids toyed with the ocean and other land fun. 

Stuff memories are made that become memories all too fast. 

Saturday, July 16, 2016

For this time being "Negative" is awesome

So have you ever found yourself saying something like this....

"Oh the kids get that from my side of the family...or  "She is so like her dad when she does that."? 

I have said that plenty of times...usually in relation to a habit or personality trait that is a little annoying !

Well back in the early 90's when I was 22 years old I along with my two sisters I learnt that we had indeed been given something "special" from my dad and his lineage.

That "specialness" came in the form of a condition called

Malignant Hyperthermia
{Which is an inherited muscle disorder that may be triggered in sensitive people by many commonly used general anesthetics and muscle relaxants.
Those sensitive to MH may develop uncontrolled muscle spasm and a rapid rise in body temperature. Breathing may become deep and fast and heart rate can become rapid and irregular.}

All three of us girls were found to be positive or sensitive to this condition.
The procedure was a Muscle Biopsy whereby a piece of muscle was removed from the leg and tested under controlled conditions to determine it's sensitivity to the anesthetic agents

It was a painful process and rendered us off our leg for a few days and a further few weeks of light recovery.
Other than that I have never needed any surgery or incidents to put me at danger.

What we always knew was that one day we would have to learn if we pass this condition on to our children....

Fast forward twenty five or so years and we now have 12 children between us and 3 of those are teenagers who are beginning to make a way for themselves.

So three weeks ago my nephew was the first to agree to be tested...NEGATIVE.

Our Meg was the next that volunteered to find preparation for her up coming plans she felt it was important to know for sure one way or the other...
finding a time that would allow for her to be potentially out of dance for 6 weeks was tricky but with all her audition work finished now was as good a time as any.

So yesterday she bravely faced up and underwent her own procedure....

We were all pleased {none more than her grandfather I am sure} that she can now go forward not having been blessed with the gift from my family.

So 2 grandchildren down.....eventually 9 more to go.... age plays a part in being able to undergo the procedure so until then we take the necessary precautions and pray that they will stay far away from any emergencies. 

Sunday, July 10, 2016


We may be found guilty....of enjoying the sunshine today ........catching "pokemons" !

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Lights Camera Dance

I spent the morning with my girl today capturing her on camera.

It is always beautiful to see her dance but it was fun today to be the roadie and mum.

She has put a lot of work into get her audition tapes compiled for studies next never know it may just be the camera work  that gets her across the line. LOL

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Pie face fun with friends

What else do you do on a day where you have 3 extras and a little sunshine???

Play a crazy game involving whipped cream and a trigger that is very random.......

and when every one has had their fill of cream in their face,up their nose and in their hair.....

Make banana splits for everyone......

and yes I did  have a turn...but managed to avoid the cream going off on my turn!!


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