Monday, November 30, 2015

Our Weekend

 So much going much that seems to be changing...constantly

Jobs coming to an ones begun....

Sickness settling in on the tired......

But amongst that all....the rhythm of making....

Pizza making has settled in as a new routine for us as a family....the new space is inspiring...we have shared the ritual of pizza making over the last few weekends with friends...and then other times it is just us......

I am loving just sitting...watching....the ease with which the making occurs....the making being done by the master pizza maker.....he finds it tactile and refreshing  start  from scratch....

Right through to the slicing and sharing.....

It is nice to have a simpleness in the midst of change and uncertainty.....

{Thanks for all the love being sent...flu has found it's way in and stay for a job is in the last two weeks before I leave it all behind....I begun to  fill some of the space with a little job in retail, so very different from the days spent working with the kids. Renos are finished and employment is required for the big boy in the family. Loving the place we are in but working hard at not being worried about the future. The busyness of the coming season always feel a little overwhelming at the start but knowing the each bite of time will leave many memories to store in the bank.}

Saturday, November 28, 2015


Him: Convinced him a walk along the beach before dinner would be a great use of the beautiful evening.

Her: Lots of time considering and researching her plans for next year.

My 52 weeks Project


Him: Dont you just hate it when someone wants to wrestle you right in the middle of a serious game?

Her: ( A victory dance) She has had her learners for a few months now....but finally we have cracked the nerves and she is totally off and running driving now. 

My 52 weeks project

Sunday, November 15, 2015


Him: Even when he appears to be alone feels like we have all his mates in the room too...Technology!

Her: Loving her non school days routine.  

My 52 weeks project

Friday, November 13, 2015

Which Shoe?

 This week I did something I haven't done for a very long time......

Put myself in a unfamiliar situation.

With all the changes our family has undergone in the last 4 months it seemed that now was just the right time to make another adjustment.....

I have stepped out and taken on a new role outside of the home....and this one doesn't involve play dough or paint!

I am excited if not a little overwhelmed at learning something new.

Yes it has been a little crazy with the scheduling this week

But I have great support behind me and encouraging me to stretch and try those new things...

and best of all I have a girl who is keen to see me succeed and is right on hand to help me decide the important things which shoes were the best to complete the look I needed to step out into this new adventure with.

Sunday, November 8, 2015


Him: He was not impressed at all when a trip to IKEA was needed.....his worst nightmare...a little silly fun with a mini trolley did lighten the mood a little - or was that because he knew we were almost done there!

Her: Making her lunch for the very last time for this school year....Year 11 - TICK

My 52 weeks project 


Him : His faithful companion is never far that he doesn't even realise that he has him tucked under his arm.

Her: It has been a great year for her....busy but rewarding.

My 52 weeks project


Him & Her : One of our new favorite places to hang out is coming together.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

The Big Stage

It is no secret for anyone that knows our girl...she loves to is what she wants to do......
and I am pretty sure dance IS WHAT SHE WILL DO

This year she was accepted into WA's flagship contemporary dance company CO3

It has been quite the commitment travelling to the city 2 nights a week and a whole day on the weekend...but what we thought was going to stretch us to breaking point has come and nearly gone and we have all survived.

She has thrived in this adventure and developed in many ways not just her dancing....with just one year left of school she is growing in huge confidence that will see her most probably fly the nest sooner than her mumma will be ready for.

This week she has had a taste of what life would be like as a big league dancer.

She has just completed 6 performances at our states premier theater. Being in the youth ensemble has given her the experience to dance on the biggest stage she has had the opportunity to and dance along side the adult company dancers.... 

Wow it has been a big week for us all......but we are so proud of her and can see that she is certainly determined to follow that dream.

Now to get her up for school tomorrow and complete her final week for the year!


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