Saturday, May 31, 2014


Him: My boy and his Grandpa's car

Her: Exams are looming

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Friday, May 30, 2014

Moments this week

  • The wettest coldest soccer morning we have had and he wins Player of the Match!
  • Mondays off with my Mr...tea for two
  • What seems like a rare moment lately... our two having a same page experience... 
  • A handmade button necklace gifted to me by a sweet little miss who just loves coming to playgroup....
  •  A nearly Winters day...swimming lessons in the outdoor pool for lucky are we. 
An inspirational watch.....

Thursday Thankful List

* Finding a swimming rash shirt in store in Winter.

* Pumpkin soup made from gifted organic pumpkin

* Scoring player of the match at soccer

* A smashing almost winters day, where swimming lessons were had outside

* The gift of a button necklace made by a little sweet Miss

* Monday's off with my Mr

* Spontaneous clothes shopping with that same Mr

* Gumboot wearing brides

* Newly driving nephews who are willing to help with the pickups

* Grandparents for my children

* Celebrating a birthday for the very oldest of our extended family and thankful he is in good health

* Deliciously good food...tapas style

* Beautiful simple and meaningful weddings

* Tradesmen who turn up

#572 The prospect of a long weekend

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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

When I was in retail....

...The customer was nearly always right......after all they were why we existed .


Yesterday while at our local shopping centre I talked my man into stepping into a shop to try on some new clothes....

It is not something he ever does and I thought he could do with a few new my surprise he went along with it...I even got him in the change rooms trying on items.

We agreed that the new things made him look pretty hot...(.well I agreed )and so we set out to make our purchases. The sales assistant was very keen to help us to the counter and begin the transaction.
I remembered that I had a credit note for the store and with one month left on it's expiry, was a perfect chance to use it....not all that much but still worth cashing in.

The credit was in the form of a plastic swipe card and it was proving difficult to swipe....after several  attempts the sales assistant seemed stumped at what to do...she suggested that I try using it another time...I've had it for 11 months (that being the last time I was in that store). I said I would rather use it that day.

By this time my man had left the store to wait outside.....the other young sales assistant was no help and even suggested that the credit had expired all the while not engaging me in the was clearly still valid.

Easy I thought, just give me the discount on my purchases, which were a significant spend....
and then sort it out later with the manager when she returns.......right???

Wrong...the solution they came up with - charge me the full price and ask me to return when the manager is back in store and she will issue me with a new credit voucher!!!!

I remained polite and said I that I would  return.....not to accept a new credit but to insist they refund me the amount off my total....

Very frustrated that we, the customer were treated as just another sale...figures on the books....well this customer will probably not be that keen to return for further sales even if the clothes did make my man look "hot"

If a retail store wants to remain thriving, surely they have to see the customer as the main reason they are in business...customers matter.....service is where it is at...

Not at all how I remember my early training in retail....

Monday, May 26, 2014

When rain threatens....

When rains sets out to spoil your day.........

....... Have the gumboots ready!

We attended the most beautifully simple yet rich wedding on the weekend.....all credit to the bride for embracing the weather dished up on the day......

I could learn some lessons from that bride.....not all days are filled with sunshine.....but we sure have the choice to be prepared and not let it ruin our day/plans....there is so much still waiting to be enjoyed as long as we don't give in to the gloom.

Sunday, May 25, 2014


Him: On our first wet and windy soccer game....player of the match.

Her: Loving the cuddles of her new girl cousin...marveling at the fifteen years between them.

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Friday, May 23, 2014

This Week

 Monday began gloomy....heavy...wet....and seemingly hard to move of those crawl back into bed and spend the day reading under the covers.......

but luckily I didn't cause I would have missed all of the good in the week to come...

 A snail mail gift  from the gorgeous Catherine....a gift that arrived in perfect timing to lift the spirits....I love the friendships forged through this space.

Seeing ballet shoes back on our teen...the next leg of her journey to pursue her dreams.

Finding my teen at the sewing machine...stitching up something to keep her new shoes.

Slow Cooker Balsamic Beef for dinner....and lunch the next day

Slow Cooked Tomato Soup......also filled the spot through out the week.

 Discovering this box....and upon lifting the lid I was transported back to my 15 year old self.....just wondering if there are some things in there that may help with my own 15 year old and her journey this week......maybe...  or should I just pop the lid back on and put the box back up in the back of the wardrobe.

It's been a week....keeping the lioness at bay.....holding my teens hand....being amazed at how amazing she is.....wondering if we are really doing it all right as parents....thinking that maybe we are on the right track......knowing we are really only beginning and this parenting thing is for the long haul.....

Check out Meghan's family adventure this week.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Thursday Thankful List

* A brand new baby niece

* Cuddles with that brand new, hours old baby girl

* Sisters and Daughters

* Friends who know just the right words to say

* A little time in the hairdresser chair

* Sound teaching from the Word to move you forward

* The arrival of soaking rains

* A finished read- Cloudstreet

* The arrival of snail mail goodness and accompanying words from a far away friend

* More "soup in jars" made to give away

* Homemade tomato soup

* Seeing that soup being taken off for school lunches

* Never taking for granted the strength of our family unit

*  A gifted pair of new shoes in my size

* Seeing my teen at the sewing machine - a self driven little project

* Food from the garden to our dinner plate

#557 The chickens that just keep giving.

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Monday, May 19, 2014

The Weekend.....


Beautiful rain free day

Celebratory baby shower


a brand new baby niece to gush over

What could be better?

Hope your weekend was filled with good things.

Saturday, May 17, 2014


Him : Our very own puppy dog that loves to have the window down and feel the wind in his face...drives us all mad.

Her : Came home to find her graciously entertaining her younger cousin with some imaginary game in the garden.

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Friday, May 16, 2014

Thursday Thankful List ( on Friday)

*Rain free soccer match

* The determination all over the little guys face during the soccer match

*  Helpful and obedient children

* The sweetest heartfelt card from my teen

* Being able to have extended family gatherings @ cafes now the children are older

* Slow cooked chicken noodle soup

* A sensitive and understanding family

* A mothers day gift of new PJ's from my MIL

* Slow days off

* Star gazing

* Sisters

* New dance prospects for our dancer

* A little breeze to dry the washing

* Locking in a hard to tie down tradesman

* New unexpected technology

* Finding the lost veggie peeler two weeks later in the chicken coop {hehehehe}

#540 The excitement building over the waiting for our latest niece or nephew

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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Winter Warmer to Share

 We are on a soup making train here...our favourite is Pumpkin. Last week we made Minestrone and then at the start of this week we made a Slow Cooker Chicken Noodle.

So when I saw this idea over at Frog,Goose and Bear I knew it was something I wanted to give a go.....

 I have so many new babies arriving in my playgroups over the winter months...and what a perfect little gift to give right before the baby arrives or in that first few days......

It is such a simple idea that even the dad's can make the soup for dinner.....

I went ahead and made three lots up and have already given two away.....the third will go to another family tomorrow awaiting their bub.

Everyone loves a little treat in a jar...and I love to feel like I am helping out in a small way.

If you want a copy of the labels drop Emma an email and she will email them to you....

I know this is not really crafty but i am linking in with Leonie for Show and Tell

Monday, May 12, 2014

Nurturing with soup

Today followed yesterday......

A slow kinder on the emotions day.....

Some soup was in order ....

for the one who came home unwell after an hour at school

for the one who got wet riding his bike home from school

for the one who felt washed out after yesterday

for the one who just loves good hearty home cooked food.

I used this Slow Cooked Chicken Noodle Soup recipe.

It did the trick for all of us.

Sunday, May 11, 2014


These are my smalls....well they used to be small......

They did a lovely job at making me feel loved today.....they have a kinda hard job really....

Mothers Day is a day that I spend with an internal battle raging......

I am so thankful for the family I have....for the way they are growing ....appreciative of all they try to do.....

Then I find myself battling the emotional ride of utter sadness...longing for what I don't have anymore......

Try as I may the wave of emotions just come out of nowhere and slam me.....

By the end of the day I feel exhausted.....but that blessed feeling keeps popping it's head up to reassure me that it is all OK ....

So to my gorgeous family...thanks heaps for the love....I really do appreciate it all and love you guys heaps.

Happy Mothers Day for all you lovely peeps reading too.

Ten On Ten

Ten photos on the tenth as it unfolded......

Soccer has Saturday morning routines in place

The rain threatened for our first game......but held off to make a stunning morning to be watching the guy play with a new bunch of little guys.

There was some quick brownie making to be done

A meet up for early Mothers Day celebrations....due to the unpredictable weather it went from a picnic lunch to picnic afternoon afternoon tea at the cafe....

No one was complaining about scones and hot chocolates...or whatever it was that took thier fancy.

Presents were shared....

...and that weather ...never eventuated....instead we had the most perfect of afternoons.

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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Things I am Loving

Loves in our house this week....
  • The growth in our winter greens vegetable garden
  • Someone in our house is loving the cucumber and cheese sandwiches
  • Our beautiful gum tree in the garden ...that is need of a trim.
  • Muffin making with frozen blueberries
  • Minestrone soup eating for lunch and dinner....I gained my inspiration from here 
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