Monday, May 26, 2014

When rain threatens....

When rains sets out to spoil your day.........

....... Have the gumboots ready!

We attended the most beautifully simple yet rich wedding on the weekend.....all credit to the bride for embracing the weather dished up on the day......

I could learn some lessons from that bride.....not all days are filled with sunshine.....but we sure have the choice to be prepared and not let it ruin our day/plans....there is so much still waiting to be enjoyed as long as we don't give in to the gloom.


  1. Very well put Bron - there's always a silver lining. x

  2. Always look on the bright side of life ... actually that sounds like a good name for a song ;0)

  3. So so true. I love it when these things happen at just the right time to get you reflecting. :) Love those cute gumboots. xxxx

  4. Those boots! How gorgeous, love a bride that embraces whatever comes her way, beautiful post Bron xx

  5. That is sooooo true! In my early years I was immature and wanted the "Perfect" everything... Now looking back I see how I had missed out of a great time, day, event... what ever it was because I was so upset in my head. Today is different for me I guess age has something to say to that lol but that bride will have a easier go because of her attitude! I Love the picture of her gumboots by the way they are a pretty color! x


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