Thursday, May 22, 2014

Thursday Thankful List

* A brand new baby niece

* Cuddles with that brand new, hours old baby girl

* Sisters and Daughters

* Friends who know just the right words to say

* A little time in the hairdresser chair

* Sound teaching from the Word to move you forward

* The arrival of soaking rains

* A finished read- Cloudstreet

* The arrival of snail mail goodness and accompanying words from a far away friend

* More "soup in jars" made to give away

* Homemade tomato soup

* Seeing that soup being taken off for school lunches

* Never taking for granted the strength of our family unit

*  A gifted pair of new shoes in my size

* Seeing my teen at the sewing machine - a self driven little project

* Food from the garden to our dinner plate

#557 The chickens that just keep giving.

My other lists are here

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