Friday, May 16, 2014

Thursday Thankful List ( on Friday)

*Rain free soccer match

* The determination all over the little guys face during the soccer match

*  Helpful and obedient children

* The sweetest heartfelt card from my teen

* Being able to have extended family gatherings @ cafes now the children are older

* Slow cooked chicken noodle soup

* A sensitive and understanding family

* A mothers day gift of new PJ's from my MIL

* Slow days off

* Star gazing

* Sisters

* New dance prospects for our dancer

* A little breeze to dry the washing

* Locking in a hard to tie down tradesman

* New unexpected technology

* Finding the lost veggie peeler two weeks later in the chicken coop {hehehehe}

#540 The excitement building over the waiting for our latest niece or nephew

My other list are here



  1. I hope you are feeling better today Bron. It sounds like you have had a thoughtful and understanding family to help you through. He he finding the peeler in the chook pen, it's funny where things end up:) Have a wonderful weekend. xx

  2. Lovely list again. Hmmm... what is coming the dancers way?
    Hope you are ok!

  3. Ooh that sounds exciting for your dancer! And being able to sit at cafes for family gatherings are what I fantasise about! One day! Hope all well Bron xx


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