Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Him: I know it is school holidays but there is so much to be done it won't hurt him to help out a little...

Her: A spectacularly beautiful solo earning her second place...couldn't be more prouder.

{Finally caught up on the right week number}

Saturday, September 26, 2015


Him : You are incredibly creative when you are forced to go and do something away from technology.

Her: A dad made shoe box...what more could a teenage girl want for?

My 52 weeks project

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Waiting or as you are going?

It was one of those perfect and most glorious days yesterday.

After spending the morning with my beautiful playgroup families I was treated to a picnic lunch made by a friend.

As we sat and enjoyed a simple and delicious lunch we gushed over the beauty of the day. We also shared our hearts, listened to each others concerns and what was weighing down our hearts. we also encouraged each other in the waiting game...waiting for that revelation of where we are headed.

But as we chatted I got to thinking about that waiting that we say we are doing....waiting infers stillness, stagnant even...should we be waiting or is it in the going that things are revealed?

As I crawled into bed last night and reflected on my day...I knew that the family with the new baby felt loved by my team at playgroup, that my friend was encouraged by our time together (as I was)...even the time we took as a family to go and see a movie last night has impacted our thinking.
All these events are part of the going...the moving towards the revealing of our journey
Make sense?

I think it is in the going that we are being prepared for what lies ahead. Our family is in a state of change ,our circumstances are never what they have been before. we are being prepared for more change but I don't think God wants us to stay still and just wait.....wait till the house is finished, wait till we are on our last dollar...no keep going and keep appreciating and being grateful for the events of each day.

So we will keep going...love the moments in the day and as we go, we will see the plans for us as a family come to fruition....

and continue to make the most of these most perfect days.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Him: Will miss his weekly soccer catch up with his team now the season is finished

Her: How did you get to be so grown up?

My 52 weeks project


Friday, September 18, 2015

Tick....another off the list

I would like to be able to tell you it has been quiet around these parts due to being extremely busy!

But quite the opposite. The sickness knocked the chief renovator down and so pretty much all worked ceased for nearly two weeks.....

But he has his spark back and boy is he a handy dude to have around....


* Remove the flu and chimney from a pre exsiting fire place and patch the ceiling ...( the fireplace has been gone for a very long time)   - ALMOST DONE 

* Ceilings and cornices throughout the rest of the house painted  - A STEP CLOSER

* All the walls repainted throughout - Overwhelmingly closer 

He is not always the tidiest handy man I have seen but then what would I be able to contribute to the project if he always was?

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Who are you gonna call?

My sister has had a bee problem for about a week and a half.....
she first called us to see if we could send the number of our bee friend....

Not being able to get hold of our bee friend...hubby said he would be able to take care of them......then he came down with the flu!

Every few days my sister would send a photo update of the bees....hoping they would just up and swam away eventually.....especially as they were right in the middle of her 5 kiddies play field.

But no..
So feeling a little better yesterday ,hubby armed himself with all he needed....

Much to the fascination of the nephews and the rabbits he dealt with these particularly pesky bees very kindly.....

Amazing that some strong mix of water and dish washing liquid can do the trick.

Shame they didn't pick a more ideal place to make a home and maybe produce some honey!

Saturday, September 12, 2015


 Him: Always awesome to be rewarded for stepping up and giving it your all.

Her: We thought buying an itty bitty car would encourage her to be confident....still some work to do.

My 52 weeks project

Being a soccer mum

Don't let the blue skies and sunshine fool you.....

It was freezing and we got drenched through at the start of the morning....

Today was the last Saturday in our Soccer season....Round robin day ..lots of short games against all the teams in our league...

I was flying solo today as the soccer dad is still down and out with the nasty flu....and a bout of getting wet through was not a good plan...

So I got to spend the morning with my sister and brother in law as my nephew plays in the same team...

It has been a good season...the boys have improved throughout the weeks and just when they feel like they have gelled as a team it is over for another year...

As much as I love the soccer thing....having Saturdays back and the slow morning start is a welcoming thought...

Do you remember playing a winter sport? I came form a netball family...fairly hard core we were....rain, hail and shine we played...cheered on by our parents and coached by our dad to keep improving ...which only came by training harder and practicing more...At the time I think we thought dad was a hard bargainer....but now I am a parent on the sidelines..I get it...
Especially if we are going to stand in the rain for a few hours.....I know there needs to be fun...but effort is always a good thing to see...

Today sadly soccer dad didn't get to see the game face...the hunger for the ball that I saw today...the one that we have been encouraging all season....

Oh well there is always next year....
so for now I really enjoyed the hot shower on returning home and then curling up in my pj's to finish a riveting book for the afternoon.

Saturday, September 5, 2015


Him: A day playing "Minecraft" with some old friends and new...

Her: Rewarded for her passion and hard work.

My 52 weeks project

Smelling Roses

The paint was barely dry enough....

After two weeks of our bedroom being rebuilt literally from the roof down, it was nice to wash the brushes and move back in....

The roses that my Hubby found in the garden did a little to off set the paint smell. 

Now my dilemma is that I actually like the minimalist look...but what to do with all the "stuff" that came out of there?

A bit of a forced rest day today as the flu has struck down the main hard worker on our renovation project.

I will continue on paving the way for the next stage....I have decided the only way to renovate and live in it is to pack up . So I grabbed packing boxes off gumtree and away I go....


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