Sunday, May 31, 2015

Weekly Snippets

I am sorry to say that I have given up on the photo a day wasn't for lack of photos....I just couldn't always fit the brief for the day and slowly I have got more and more behind....
So it's back to weekly snippets for me....a snapshot of bits of our week....
Loving the early morning shadows.....

My snow peas have been taken over by rogue tomatoes....

We headed to the hills and enjoyed a little garden cafe tucked away...

Nothing is safe from being climbed on when this kid is around...

Such creative use for potential junk....

Love the creative type gardens...

I spy

Even the natural beauty caught my eye....

(We visited the Hops Scotch Cafe in Karagullen)

Long weekend here so looking forward to the day home together tomorrow...1st day of Winter  ...who da thought!)

Saturday, May 30, 2015


Him: Man of the match with his fancy footwork

Her: So excited with her $2 find at the op shop...Swan Lake sounding out around the house.

My 52 weeks project

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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Anyone want a bread maker?

Sorry it's gone!

See this is space on my bench...where the bread maker has sat.....

That space symbolises a point in time.....

You see we have lived in our home for 16 1/2 years......that amounts to a  lot of stuff tucked in and around our home....

The giving away of the bread maker  is marking that the time that has come,  time to make a stand against the hidden and not so hidden things that fill our home.

There are changes afoot for us....and part of that is simplifying our lives, homes and probably head space too....

I have also discovered something about myself...well OK I probably already knew it but was in denial....

I am AFRAID of empty space....there I said it.....

Now to seek help to cure myself of that and find the next thing.....or lots of things to part with in order to make our way to a lighter future...whatever it may hold.

(loved my bread maker but the reality is ...I don't have time to use it......I loved the idea..but now is not the time now someone else has the pleasure of making fresh delicious smelling bread)

Saturday, May 23, 2015


Him: It was a great game and tough standing your substitute time out.

Her: I am really liking our train trips twice a week...

My 52 weeks project

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Monday, May 18, 2015

Photo a Day - Week 19

Today I saw...the very cleverest of recycled art done by local artists.


Red...maybe it is time I took these out for a bit of fun.

10 O'Clock...

4 things.....

Playground...where I spend a good part of my week.

Peaceful...this gets a lot of work out in our house.

Photo a Day list here

Saturday, May 16, 2015


Him - Hanging with his cousins at the Castaways Exhibition.

Her- A little help needed with her hair...just like when she was little.

My 52 weeks photo of each of our kids, each week

Joining in with Jodi's project

Thankful list

* Week's that begin with a date day with my hubby

* Free exhibitions on the most beautiful coastline around.

* The creative talents of locals using recycled materials

* Train travel with my girl

* Seeing the teen head off to her usual class with her dad by her side

* That scene resulting in a bonus night home for me

* More new born cuddles

* A great small group meeting

* The warmth of the sun for the couple of hours in the middle of the day

* The crisp mornings that bring promise of a couple of hours of warmth

* A very mild afternoon to sit and watch soccer training

* Work colleagues who oblige with car lifts

* Moments to dream on possibilities of our up coming changes

* The weather forecast that promised to make soccer the saddest place to be....and yet we stayed dry

* Grabbing a beanie at the very last moment and being so thankful that it combined with the many layers did a little to combat the hurricane winds at soccer today

* The first win of the season...made freezing to the bone a little worth it.

* A warm cuppa had with my dad to wish him Happy Birthday on the back of the freezing soccer morning

* Movie nights and pizza with the cousins...leaving us to a cosy dinner for two on the couch

#1111  Reading all the other thankful list that blogging friends are putting together

All my thankful lists are here.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Ten on Ten - May

 Ten photos over ten hours on the tenth day
Today was a Sunday also Mothers Day....

* Some thoughtful gifts to start the day.

* The quiet before the fun....nursery room at church set to go.

* Some creative opportunities to show mums that they are loved.

* Teaching kids about the "circle of blessing" - Honoring our Mothers and Fathers

* No fancy lunch....just felt like a banana and honey sandwich ( the family did a lovely dinner the night before)

* Hoping that this ticket was going to be our was such a whim to buy

* The humor of our teen

* A shiny new piece to keep my memories.

* The teen wasn't around for the day...ran off to circus school

*We caught the last few minutes of a fun packed day for the teen.

A different kind of Mothers Day this year....kind of good that there was not too much time to reflect...less emotional that way.

Joining in with Rebekah's Ten on Ten project.

Photo a Day - Week 18

In my bedroom...late afternoon sun light

Prepare...when a gift arrives in the mail...I like to prepare myself to savour the moment...especially when it contained such loveliness.

I walked here...The Arts centre where we go three times a week for Meg's dance

Need...time set aside to catchup with special friends or my precious sisters.

Want...this race day to go well with no dramas.

Faceless self portrait... 

A cup of ....peppermint tea, my go to for any time of the day or night.

My photo a day -  here  ( nearly caught up)

Sunday, May 10, 2015


 Him: Soccer game number 1 for the season......bring it on!
Her: Circus school today...challenging day 

My 52 weeks project
Joining in with Jodi's project

Mothers Day


Happy Mothers Day...we are all unique and placed in the family just right for us.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Photo a Day - Week 17

This Happened.....Anzac Day service at school...very moving

Snack....I know there are much healthier snacks to have...

Seasons... The mulberry tree shows the seasonal change in our garden the most

Mess...or is that comfort?

Fill the experimental candle making attempt

I sat here and watched my nephew be lost in his little world of play.

4'oclock ... Some parking practice in a big empty car park.

Playing catch up with loading my pics....Photo a Day pics here.

Friday, May 8, 2015

It's A Race..

Last weekend my husband entered his 13th Half Iron-man event....
We joined the sidelines and cheered, clapped, encouraged and willed him over the line....
So proud of him...
Great that this is something that he can share with his younger brother also.

Looking over the pictures I captured for the day got me thinking....we are all in a race.....
Some days start earlier than others....they are filled with rumbling tummies and feeling of defeat even before we begin......but to see the sun rise on beautifully perfect conditions makes the heart beat just a little faster.....

The race is not run fact sometimes we have to be prepared to jostle for position...capitailse on our strengths...lead the way....move out of the pack....

We must always remember that someone is always looking out for us....they are perched on a vantage point that they can see us but we may not see them...

Sometimes there are points in the race of life....milestones ..turning points that we must recognise as a job well done...shake off the jangles now and fix our eyes on the next part of our journey...we have broken through the worst part of dipping our toes in or jumping fully in...we may be cold and numb but we are well and truly on our way...

Remind yourself that the cheer squad is still out there...poised to cheer and encourage us to go for it...

It is good to look up and have a little smile....lots of the race behind us but still a ways to go...people care and are wanting the best for us...

There is a little craziness along the way...but we all need crazy in our lives right?...otherwise we will be crushed by the seriousness of it all

The race can seem long.....for some taking a load off is the way to keep up the pace....but for others of us, the time is not yet to rest...

Always keeping our eyes fixed on the way ahead...ticking off the goals as we go...

Then just when you feel you can't do it anymore.....there are those people cheering you on again....louder this time...more excited than they have been....cause they know how hard you have been doing it...and how close you are a big of many past and many more to come...

Race face on.....straight for the prize line....not really a finish line for most of us....still so much that lies ahaed...but a moment to realise that we are stronger than we think...more capable than we believe....

A little rest and recuperation from the busyness and the tiredness of the race we are fact essential...

Most of us are never going to compete in crazy races like that of my husband but life on a daily basis can be just as rigorous for some of us.....
This race contained all sorts of ages...a wide range of fitness levels...some had big cheer squads some had a few....some sprang across the line with a lightness , some dragged their  bodies up the finish chute...they were all received with cheers and congratulations.
We all do this race of life different paces...with varying amounts of ease....but hopefully with successes along the way and a bunch of special people to cheer you on loudly and be there to hold you up for the time of recovery....


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