Sunday, March 27, 2016

This week

I meant to pop in earlier in the week but it was a short one and it just got away from me.....

So this week I am thankful for...

* The gift of a huge  home grown pumpkin complete with a love heart horse nibble in it.

* Rescuing my chocolate mint plant from the garden and bringing it into the kitchen...well if I can't eat chocolate I may as well be able to smell it.

* A mid long weekend rainy day...perfect for the garden and being inside cooking up a treat.

* A rainy day the perfect excuse to chop into the pumpkin and make soup for two families who I thought might need cheering up.

* The best tasting hot cross buns are only found on the Easter long weekend....they don't seem to have the same magic once the weekend has gone...or in January for that matter!

* Making it just in time to witness an important decision made by one of the newest members of our extended family.

* A clever family member coming to the rescue a week before the big day to take up the hem. ( sorry she doesn't want me to show the colour until next weeks reveal.)

* A first in our family's Easter history...a night time egg hunt with have to be a little creative when they get bigger.

* Didn't make the beach for my brisk exercise to end the week today so walked it off around the block and still got to enjoy the stunning sunset.

* I wasn't sure I would make it through this weekend being a chocoholic and all.....but we restricted the amount of chocolate in the house and so this little tiny indulgence was just enough for me this year. 

#1250 We have really enjoyed our two opportunities to gather at church to celebrate the biggest occasion on the Christian calendar. Totally thankful for the gift we are given by the sacrifice of Jesus.

 Well technically we are only half way through this weekend....the kids are off till Wednesday. So still a bit of relaxing and hanging with friends to be done.

Hope your week ahead is a good one and it is filled with many things to be thankful for. x


Sunday, March 20, 2016

This Week...

 I am thankful this week for.....

* Our little guy reaching 11....and how so easily he was pleased for his birthday.

* Technology that at times brings us together rather than keep us separated. 

* That the joy of snail mail never gets tiring

* Inter school cricket days that fall on a birthday

* No work offered on the birthday so I could indulge in a little cricket watching

* Impromptu coffee catch up with my sister on that same day off.

* Two weeks of my new fitness goals achieved....beautiful mornings with a cool breeze provide the perfect backdrop for exercising

* Lazy Saturday mornings

* Celebrating a month of birthdays with cousins bigger and smaller.

* A Laser tag birthday get together shared with a friend sharing the same birthday.

* Big open spaces for 10 and 11 year old boys to run off some excess sugar energy.

* Simply put together cakes that go down well.

* The great group of friends my boy has in his life.

* My fitness goal achieved at the end of a busy weekend...shared with my biggest supporter.

#1239 A sunset to end a busy week...reminding us that we have so much in our lives to be thankful for....and right under our noses.

There was a good amount of work thrown in this week....hanging with my new friends at The Wishing you well store...and probably not as much housework as should have been done.

So here's to another week....short one.....Easter is coming....have a great one. xxx

Friday, March 18, 2016

Belly Laughing

Belly Laughing is good for the soul......Hey it is good for the family.....

These two discovered a "face swapping" App and it amused them greatly....

Sometimes the very technology we curse for keeping us all in our separate corners can be the very thing that brings us all out to share a moment.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Silly Mess

There is only one occasion when it is perfectly OK to cover someone in toxic smelling silly string and in the process cover the whole kitchen too..........

Happy 11th Birthday to our boy.

We are all shaking our heads at where the last 11 years have gone.....

May there be much more silliness to come. xxx

Sunday, March 13, 2016

This Week

It has been a quiet emotional week, physically challenging and full of great things to be thankful for.....


* A beautiful memory card made for Meg marking that 17th birthday she has just had

* A batch of homemade soap and a lovely morning tea with the friends that made it for us.

* Scone to share with others for a spontaneous morning tea at my favourite little thrift shop.

* Visits to grandpas with extra fun duties while there.

* Our healthy eating plan this week full of delicious easy to prepare meals

*A first- taking myself to the local pool and exercising as part of my fitness goals

*The beautiful flowers and support on remembering our big girl's birthday .

* The lone lunchbox left on the counter meant that his focus was actually on remembering to take a photo of his big sister to quietly show his mates at could I not run it off to him at school.

* Loving my time spent hanging out at the "Wishing You Well Store"....and a quieter working week that allowed me to help out two mornings this week.

* Some song learning this choices had us all giggling.

* Tender rare moments between our two.

*The most stunning sunset at the end of the weekend on a scorcher of a day.

*Ending my week of pushing my physical limits with a 28 minute soft sand walk.

# 1224 No walking for these two just enjoying the beautiful coolness of a early evening swim.

So we head into another week...another birthday to celebrate this week, some more fitness goals to achieve, maybe some work will pop up, hopefully squeeze in a coffee date or two...and the last of our three's birthday party to plan for.

Have a good one. x

Adding to my thankful list

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Happy Birthday......

We are each thinking of our big girl as we go about our day today....

We will come together tonight the four of us...gather in from school and work to share a nice meal and talk about her......share, laugh...maybe even a little tear as we remember funny things she did and said.

I can remember her 1st birthday like it was yesterday...funny cause on that birthday I would never have even dreamed on her 20th Birthday we would be here or the last 11 birthdays for that matter....

But it is Ok...we are Ok....she changed our life forever and will continue to impact it every day...till the day we see her again,. xx


Sunday, March 6, 2016

This Week

* Not only were there two in the room.....there was five of them on Skype....the noise was too much to bare. I do love hearing their strategies though.

* I have stepped out and done something I have never done before...hopefully this number will help me achieve a small personal goal beginning tomorrow.

* Oh sweet chickens...they are on a roll now and even the eggs are growing in size too.

*Love the time spent over a cuppa either with sisters or friends.

* Yummy lashings of butter on fruit toast....well until tomorrow

*A prestigious school award for the Year twelve student in our family 

* This week I was many year teachers....more work than I could accept

* One of my favourite days was the "art teacher for the day" one and oh and the class of 7 year one students!

* Time to notice the sunset while out for an evening walk.

It has been a hectic couple of is pouring in, friends have been caught up on, birthday party planning under way and a movie date with the hubby...lucky for us all it is a long weekend here.

#1210 A great movie seen on a rare movie date with the hubby ( recommend The Final Hours)

Thankful list  growing



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