Sunday, March 20, 2016

This Week...

 I am thankful this week for.....

* Our little guy reaching 11....and how so easily he was pleased for his birthday.

* Technology that at times brings us together rather than keep us separated. 

* That the joy of snail mail never gets tiring

* Inter school cricket days that fall on a birthday

* No work offered on the birthday so I could indulge in a little cricket watching

* Impromptu coffee catch up with my sister on that same day off.

* Two weeks of my new fitness goals achieved....beautiful mornings with a cool breeze provide the perfect backdrop for exercising

* Lazy Saturday mornings

* Celebrating a month of birthdays with cousins bigger and smaller.

* A Laser tag birthday get together shared with a friend sharing the same birthday.

* Big open spaces for 10 and 11 year old boys to run off some excess sugar energy.

* Simply put together cakes that go down well.

* The great group of friends my boy has in his life.

* My fitness goal achieved at the end of a busy weekend...shared with my biggest supporter.

#1239 A sunset to end a busy week...reminding us that we have so much in our lives to be thankful for....and right under our noses.

There was a good amount of work thrown in this week....hanging with my new friends at The Wishing you well store...and probably not as much housework as should have been done.

So here's to another week....short one.....Easter is coming....have a great one. xxx


  1. What a Wonderful week and great list. Snail mail is always fun to get xx

  2. Another terrific list. Happy Birthday to Fraser & congratulations to you both.


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