Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Happy Birthday......

We are each thinking of our big girl as we go about our day today....

We will come together tonight the four of us...gather in from school and work to share a nice meal and talk about her......share, laugh...maybe even a little tear as we remember funny things she did and said.

I can remember her 1st birthday like it was yesterday...funny cause on that birthday I would never have even dreamed on her 20th Birthday we would be here or the last 11 birthdays for that matter....

But it is Ok...we are Ok....she changed our life forever and will continue to impact it every day...till the day we see her again,. xx



  1. and what a beautiful reunion that will be. Thinking of you as you celebrate your precious girl today x

  2. Happy 20th Birthday Taylor!

  3. What a lovely thing, to celebrate that way. Wishing you a blessed evening.

  4. She will be partying hard in heaven. Love you guys.

  5. I hope you had an evening of sweet memories. God bless you all.

  6. So nice that you come together in your own special and unique way each year. Happy Birthday Taylor. You have an awesome family!! Much love & prayers, Amanda xxx

  7. My mommy's heart knows the mixed emotions very well xx


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