Friday, January 30, 2015

What I learnt from going Campling Part 2

#14 The camping etiquette of zipping up your tent and knowing that it's entire contents will remain untouched

#15 The nights are shorter and the mornings come earlier

#16 The quiet was very refreshing

#17 Some campers love to use every bit of the time allowed till sound curfew to have a good time

# 18 Making the dash to the toilet block in your PJ's is considered OK....well once a day anyway.

#19 There is always a quiet grab for more land as new neighbours move in.

#20 The feeling of zipping up at the end of a day and cocooning in is unique.

#21 Caravan people get extra spaces for parking their car

#22 Loud whistling kettles are offensive to beer drinking nomads

# 23 That beer o'clock begins at breakfast most days.

 #24 That fresh caught fish is always the best meal to have when camping

# That we had the best time and are so grateful that we got to do some camping without totally roughing it.

and just because.....beautiful pics of Shelley Beach - Albany and the spectacular sight of seeing hand gliders taking off.

and that was our holiday....we are resolved to try some more camping....thanks this time to my awesome sister and her family for lending us the camper trailer.....we may be hitting the camping store to find a tent that would suit our little family and try some more adventures.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Things I have learnt from going camping

#1  The simple art of preparing meals with limited cooking utensils

#2 The trick of washing dishes in a bowl straight after they are used in a minimal of water...usually cold.

#3 Being able to read by lantern light

#4 Learning to use quiet voices lest the neighbour who is less than a metre away hears

#5 How to make the dash back from the toilet block and not drop any underwear on the way.

#6 Having to get used to showering with flip flops on.

#7 Make sure the bladder is empty before going to bed so there is no middle of the night dash to the toilet block ( I only had to do it is eerie at 1.30am)

#8 That you can go away for a few hours and all the neighbours have changed

#9 That there is a constant flow in and out of campers, which changes the course of path to the toilet block constantly.

#10 Camping doesn't necessarily mean roughing it...there are some big flash rigs out there and a lot of people doing it in style.

#11 The grey haired travelers only need an hour and they have found like minded travelers who then become their "besties" and constant meal companions for the duration of their stay.

#12 It can be a skill finding an unused washing machine...have the right change and then remember to go back and collect it.

#13 That leaving your washing on the communal washing line all day means it will still be there when you get back.

To be continued.....

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

19-25 /365

#19 Homemade fish and chips...fresh from the beach to our little camping table courtesy of my fisherman husband and son  

# 21 The exploration of the Tingle trees was fascinating...lots of windows just like this to explore.

#20  We had to walk in a row very high above the tree tops when we explored the Valley of the Giants

#22 Swimming and snorkeling at Greens Pool...collections of stunning rocks to explore, perfect for learning to snorkel..

#23 The wind farm far away in the distance

# 24 Playtime.....well one was enjoying it.

# 25 Black and White.....

My photo a day project.


Him: Learning to use his snorkle with his dad at Greens Pool Williams Bay

Her : Mastering the rope swing into the river at Denmark

My 52 weeks Project

Joining in with Jodi's project

Monday, January 19, 2015

12-18 /365

#12 Bright- A week full of high energy, lots of noise and much brightness

#13 Some after hours fun on the 1st Hole..

#14 A week full of  NEW things to try...

#15  Never to OLD to try something different.

#16 Nature spotted...

 #17 Our international visitor and his first up close and personal with our Jumping icon

 #18 Today is....the end of a busy week and the start of our holidays.

Our Week.....

I am thoroughly exhausted....we all are.

We have just spent five days running and participating in our yearly holiday day camp programme we run at our church. It is our third year and the fun metre went through the roof this year.

We had over thirty volunteers on campus and 74 kids.
Our theme was Kingdom Quest
We bounced, sang, danced, got wet, learnt from each other, made friends, challenged ourselves, pushed through total exhaustion.

It is such an impactful week....bringing kids together, loving on them, letting them know that they are cool and we teach about our faith too.

We spend months planning and it comes and goes in a rush of action and nonstop fun.

We were so lucky this year to have a volunteer travel from the UK and two from our East coast. They were so dynamic and left a piece of themselves with us . We were so grateful for their energy and talent they bought. I never cease to be amazed at how you can just meet someone and then just a week later be sorry to see them go.

We had a taste of life with a big brother in the house....and our two will be lost without him......

Done for another year....the talk about next year has begun.....but first we are off on holidays...I need sleep , quiet and somewhere to rest aching body.( I must train for next year)

2013 Camp Sonshine & 2014 Camp Sonshine


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