Monday, January 12, 2015


#5 What a very cool square pop up card made by my sister for my birthday..

#6 Round rockmelon for a bunch of hungry kids....

#7 Currently reading....these great has really impacted me particularly this week.

 #8 Never tire of stopping and seeing the landscape when the wind is up and the kite surfing is hot....

#9 Patterns seen every day for two weeks at the local pool...

#10 Picking tomatoes from the garden I happened upon an little creature that I am sure just wanted to say hello....

#11 I see through the doors a whole lot of fun happening here in the week to programme time for us.

My photo a day project.


  1. Great photos! I love the handmade card.

  2. The card your sister made is amazing!
    Love the doors for your holiday programme - good start already! So cool!
    The Hilary Burden book is good huh? Or the other one has been a difficult read?
    Kite surfing looks cool! What a speccy sight that is!

  3. Kite flying has always been a fun thing to do and watching all those fly must have been fun too. Your sister is sure talented... You have a lot of the talent gene running through your family! Mmmmm Melon... Next to watermelon it's my favorite! I love the pictures.xx

  4. Wow ... look at all those kite surfers ... I'm surprised they don't all get tangled up.

  5. love these photos + the card your sister made!


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