Monday, January 19, 2015

Our Week.....

I am thoroughly exhausted....we all are.

We have just spent five days running and participating in our yearly holiday day camp programme we run at our church. It is our third year and the fun metre went through the roof this year.

We had over thirty volunteers on campus and 74 kids.
Our theme was Kingdom Quest
We bounced, sang, danced, got wet, learnt from each other, made friends, challenged ourselves, pushed through total exhaustion.

It is such an impactful week....bringing kids together, loving on them, letting them know that they are cool and we teach about our faith too.

We spend months planning and it comes and goes in a rush of action and nonstop fun.

We were so lucky this year to have a volunteer travel from the UK and two from our East coast. They were so dynamic and left a piece of themselves with us . We were so grateful for their energy and talent they bought. I never cease to be amazed at how you can just meet someone and then just a week later be sorry to see them go.

We had a taste of life with a big brother in the house....and our two will be lost without him......

Done for another year....the talk about next year has begun.....but first we are off on holidays...I need sleep , quiet and somewhere to rest aching body.( I must train for next year)

2013 Camp Sonshine & 2014 Camp Sonshine


  1. Well done on yours & your team fabulous work in your outreach programme. It looks like fabulous fun & although you are completely exhausted I am sure it was worth all the huge effort you all put in. Enjoy your much deserved camping break! See you in a week!

  2. Sounds exhausting, but fulfilling ... love that picture of you and your kids.

  3. What another amazing week it looks to have been! I think it is such a wonderful thing you are doing for the kids! Making long lasting memories for all involved! xxx


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