Thursday, January 1, 2015

Thankful catch up

* Fresh seafood cooked to perfection

* Family gatherings

* Carol singing nights and the nativity story told

* Plastic plates in a house with no dishwasher

* Still balmy Christmas days

* Neighbourhood Christmas light displays

* BBQ nights

* Goodies placed out for Santa

* Hampers delivered secretly for a family in need

* Cousins hanging out in harmony

* Older Cousins enjoying some freedom to choose

* Thoughtful gifts received with gratitude

* Photo books made to celebrate past holidays

* The excitement of unwrapping a ticket to the cricket

* The excitement of then finding out all your best buddies are going too.

* The days between Christmas and New Year

* Slow lazy days that demand nothing

* Two weeks of very inexpensive vacation swimming lessons for the kids

* Hanging at the pools every day with my sisters and their kids

* Birthday lunches with those same sisters

* Celebrating two birthdays in two days....Happy Birthday sis

* Secret squirrel birthday gift buying

* Seeing a family movie on my birthday

* Texts and messages from lots of family and friends with birthday wishes

* Cup of tea catch ups with my dad

* New books to lay on the couch with

* Holidays booked- little adventure awaits us

*Op shops that are full of treasures to be discovered

* A New party dress found at those treasure shops 
* Quiet New years eve's hanging together

* Not feeling the pressure to stay up way to late to watch the clock tick over

 #927 A brand new year with brand new opportunities

I was hoping to make the 1000 before the end of 2014...just short....oh well there will be plenty of more things coming my way to be thankful for so I will just keep counting and recording them here.



  1. Love this list Bron and happy birthday to you and your sister! Hope you had great days! Your cricket ticket story is a lovely one and wishing you a great holiday too. Hope you get lots more time in to read ;) xx

  2. Oh my goodness you are so close! But what a great list to end the year with! xx

  3. What a terrific list! I really enjoy reading these each week.

  4. Have loved all your lists throughout the year - what a great one to end with!


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