Monday, January 19, 2015

Thankful Thursday

* Completing our third, very successful yearly holiday camp

* The coming together of over thirty volunteers and 74 excitable kids

* Watching people step out of their comfort zone and go full out to embrace the fun

* Seeing kids make new friends on day one

* A new international visitor that has become a friend

* The energy that you get from others

* A husband at home in the evening to prepare the refuel food

* Seeing the brave try new outrageous things

* No-one worried about being a fool

* Big and small people hanging out and loving on each other

* The impact of loving kids for a whole week- transforming lives

* The team spirit to have each others backs when hitting the wall was inevitable

* Waking up each morning and pushing through the exhaustion and aches

* Learning a whole bunch of dance moves and songs to sing

* The sun that shone bright and warm all week

* Teens forming bonds that are so tight

* Worshiping and praying with the team every day

* The provision of donated yummy food to feed us all week

* Evenings hanging with new friends

* Cameras loaded with hundreds of pics to remember the fun

* Flash mob fun

* Watching my girl impact the lives of the little girls she shepherded all week.

* All the months of planning coming together in spectacular success

* Very early morning airport farewells

* The sigh of relief that being on holidays now brings

#966 Packing up our mobile accommodation and preparing for a week of nothingness

My Thankful List

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