Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A prayer needed...

For most of us the turn of the calender page has meant some new ideas , new goals, a fresh start with a blank page......
I have been following along with the journey of a family who are facing a very difficult time....

 For them the turn of the calender page is bringing uncertainty and growing sadness...

We have walked that road but it can be a lonely one even when you do meet someone on the same journey...
As I sat and coloured in with Fraser tonight I felt burdened to share this family's journey  with you and ask that you say a prayer for them and their brave girl....even if you are not in the habit of praying maybe you could stop by and leave some support..........

Visit  Leanne and Emma Here.


  1. I just went across and read Emma & Leanne's story. What a heart wrenching read.
    I will certainly send up some prayers.
    Hope you are well.

  2. Without feeling like I suffocating in a freezing cold airless dark empty bottomless space I cannot imagine what this heart breaking pain must be like....all I can offer is love & thoughts and the wish for a soft place to land for Leanne, when as she puts it her baby girl gets her angel wings. x

  3. Just hopped through to say hi to Leanne and Emma. My heart goes out to them. Will be praying for peace, for hope and for an amazing miracle.

  4. Thank you Bron for reminding me that sometimes a small note is better then saying nothing at all, Ive followed Emmas story for the past couple of years and most times I remain silent - thinking of them, but not speaking up because words seem so insignificant. tonight Ive left a few small words xxx

  5. Thank you so much Bron and thank you ladies for your words of support and encouragement.

    I have not given up hope of receiving a miracle yet even though things are appear so dire at the moment.

    God has great plans and sometimes those plans are not what we want but we must remember that everything he does is for a reason and has purpose.

    Once again - thank you so very very much Bron
    God bless

  6. Much much love... from my sore heart to theirs xxxxxxxxxxx


Thanks for stopping by and saying Hi....I love having your support. I will do my best to pop back to you and say hi. xx


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