Sunday, February 23, 2014

Weekend Snippets

* Birthday party sleepover preparation

* Our summer heat wave worked well for the planned outdoor movie theatre....a Disney Princess movie marathon

* Perfect balmy night for sleeping out with friends

*The lost art of shadow puppets was found

*The guy took his turn the next night...but didn't stay out all night...I guess camping on your own is not as much fun.....we will have a family camp out with him next weekend.

* Meanwhile the outdoors came in

* I love leaves with character.....OK my family think I am a little loopy.

* Breaking open a new bottle of my very favourite perfume

*Fresh figs from my dad's to eat them natural or cook them up.... that is the question .

Hope you have had a great weekend....maybe some backyard camping out or birthday celebrations going on in your neck of the woods.....hope you are ready cause a new week is just about to begin.

Joining in with Em at The Beetle Shack


  1. looks like a great night for outdoor movies!

  2. I'm sure camping is at least a two person sport ;0)

  3. Looks like a fun time! I don't handle it well when those little outdoor critters come inside!

  4. I love your projector! Thats the only way to watch a movie!

  5. Oh figs feature in my weekly stills too. I lOVE figs. Did you cook them or eat them fresh??

  6. It sounds like a good idea to be outside in the cool watching movies. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  7. What an awesome idea for a party! Movie projectors bring back so many memories. Jo xx

  8. Love that projector idea, hope they had fun! Hope you have fun camping out there too Bron xx

  9. what a great idea, camping out, projector fun and an adventure that was close to home. brilliant all l need now is a backyard big enough lol. love it! have a great week.


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