Monday, February 10, 2014

Ten on Ten

"ten photos over ten consecutive hours on the tenth day of every month."

 * Morning lunch making routine

* Breaking headlines that dominated our airwaves

* Who doesn't like a "quick" trip to the hardware store

* Red is the colour of the week....valentines

* A sandwich made with love by my love

* Hearts are needed for our playgroup debut this week

* Today's morning tea(made yesterday) Coconut and Passionfruit Slice

* A muffin recipe from my sister....written up in my recipe notebook

* A volunteer to help make the berry and chocolate muffins ( will share the recipe tomorrow)

* My clever husband made a delicious Laksa for dinner.

And there goes another tenth of the month.....joining in with Rebekah's photography project


  1. what a great bunch of things to brighten a Monday! Yes, I think I need some inspiration for some baking so that recipe might be a good start!

  2. Yum ... Laksa is my absolute favourite ... and that one looks absolutely delish. I'm feeling a craving coming on ... and it's only breakfast time.

  3. A lovely day, yummy food :)
    It's nice to document your day in this way isn't it?


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