Friday, February 21, 2014

Things I am Loving

 This week....

Turning these dates into....
 This yummy date loaf...(recipe here)
 Using these nuts to make.....
 This muesli....(recipe here)
 The arrival of Meg's birthday gift...her 52 weeks project photo book
 The eggs that are overflowing in the fridge from our hens....even a double yolker yesterday
 Seeing these two put up a tent of the first time.....ready for......
 The belated birthday party/sleepover in the tent and  Disney Princess movie marathon...
 complete with props.....what is it with teens these days.....I am loving that she is here happy with three friends and not wanting to be out on the town....
 Joining in with Meghan's Things I am Loving

so while we battle the heatwave here...hope you are enjoying some cooler climate or maybe even some rain.

Happy weekend to you


  1. Yum and yum and how cute is your big girl having that type of party. What a lovely girl she is to be content with a few friends and a party at home:) Have a great weekend Bron. xx

  2. Oh yummy baking, & looks like a lovely movie setting!
    Yes cooled off here... Autumn has arrived already.

  3. that really is a SWEET 16 !! I am loving what you are doing with your B & W photos!

  4. Oh my gosh... I have missed so much being off line for a bit! You make me desire a chicken coop more and more... Hummmmmm lol xxx

  5. How did I not know we share the same name AND the same spelling which is even more unusual right!! Your date love and muesli both look delicious and I love that photo book - things like that made with love will be treasured forever xx

  6. Am so impressed with your cooking and your photo books Bron! They all look fabulous! Hope all well xx


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