Tuesday, February 4, 2014

One Photo a Day- January

1.Lunch - left over Chinese take-out
2.Begins with G - gift
3.My town - beautiful sunset over the beach
4.Word to Live By  - On our fridge Romans 8v28
5.Found - Doing a holiday jigsaw
6.Happens Everyday - Open the blinds and let the sun shine in
7. Upside down - Hubby made bid feeder
8.Lucky Number - No.3 our house number
9.Natural - a lizard captured
10. Man made -City scape from recycled cardboard
11.Looking down- Busy work at the table
12.Colorful- Camp Sonshine organisation
13.Makes me smile - Friendships made
14.3 Things - 3 cousins at swimming lessons
15.Black +White - Giant snakes and Ladders game
16. Sun - The sun shined for Camp sonshine
17. Tiny - Superhero match off
18. Happy place - My garden
19. Breakfast - Fresh exotic fruits
20. To do list - Last minute planning for the holiday
21. Blue- Swimming of course
22. Nice! - enjoying the holidays with family
23. Bedtime - Luxury sleep ins while on holidays
24. Your space - beside the pool with a book 
25. A taste of Summer- Waterslide fun
26. Fun stuff - water park hanging out
27. Something I bought- Australia Day BBQ in Bali
28. Dinner - Nasegoreng
29. Window - Hanging above our bed
30.- Best invention ever - My portable "recipe and sewing tutorial reader" !!
31. Polka Dot - New pencil case material.

I thought I would give the Photo a day thingy a go...hmmmm trickier than I thought......You can check out February's list over here


  1. wow, that is a tricky thing to keep up with! Good job!

  2. A photo a day can be tricky indeed ... at least you have prompts ... which should make it easier ... or harder ;0)

  3. WOW! That is so cool... I love it. I did something like this several years ago and it was fun coming up with different pictures each day


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