Thursday, February 6, 2014

Thursday Thankful List

* Happiness over the new teachers.

* Hearing the little guy say"actually I had a great day"

* Home baked goodies made for the first day of school

*Seeing my girl head off to school in her mumma made skirt.

* Big sisters willing to pick up little brothers from school

* A day with my sweet

* New routines

* New helpers to get the job done

* Almost one week down of the new school year

* The discipline found to go for a walk every night

* Walking with my hubby

* Walking with my little guy and the chatting to go with it

* Seeing him feel proud to have made something noteworthy

* Impromptu smoothies with the kids

#301 Inspiration for the term ahead at playgroup

My other lists are here  Counting my way to 1000


  1. I wish I could find the discipline/motivation to go for a walk each day.
    I love this photo ... It's a bit of a brain teaser ... I had to look ... really look ... to work out just what I was seeing.

  2. I'm thankful I found your blog. It is a happy place to visit even if I don't always leave a comment! :)

  3. I love gratitude lists!
    I think my favourite is, Big sisters willing to pick up little brothers from school - how sweet. Teenagers have such a bad reputation. I am very scared as my oldest approaches the dreaded years but I hope, like you, I can continue to see(or search) for the beautiful. xx


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