Monday, February 17, 2014

Weekend Snippets

This weekend..
{this sucker needed some trimming}
{we found a few surprises amongst the fronds}
{and discovered it actually had a beautiful flower right up high}
{a walk to clear the stay at home blues}
{cautious of where we walked}
{surveyed the horizon}
{never tire of discovering unusual creatures on the beach}
{low tide saw no water in the water holes}
{Fraser and I climbed up high to see the sights}
{and the sights we could see}

A fairly quiet weekend...preparations for the green waste collection.
Then a little explore of some coastline close the best time of the day...nearing sunset....cause then we could follow it up with an impromptu dinner of fish and chips on the beach. 

Joining in with Em at The Beetle Shack


  1. That looks like a dream weekend to me! Lovely photos Bron xx

  2. Fish & chips plus a sunset, sounds fabulous. Lovely snippets from your weekend.

  3. That's an amazing flower in your fern! Never seen those before.

    The scenery at the top looks so lovely!

  4. Looks dreamy and gorgeous and peaceful x

  5. There's nothing better than fish and chips on the beach.

  6. Very lovely pictures! I love to go for walks on the beach and spending time there. Have a great week! x

  7. What a view. Salt air and sand, there's nothing better!


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