Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sunday Snippets - Easter Edition


Easter Weekend- 

A beautiful clear skied weekend with temps in the low 30's

Perfect for a movie night in the park organised by our church

Fantastic time spent with like minded, celebrating all that Easter is to us

Gifts of Chickens GIVEN

Egg Hunting in the backyard....hosted by us this year.

Eggs for all...big and small......people as well as eggs

The anti is upped the older they get...much more competitive indeed

Still the grandads do a fine job at finding trickier hiding places each year.
So feasting on good food.....time in each others company ...and a touch  truckload of chocolate , sees the end of another Easter.

We still have two more days of relaxing ahead of us then back to school for 2 1/2 weeks before we break for holidays.

Hope yours was a good one wherever you spent it .

Joining in with Jodi at The Beetle Shack.   

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Friday, March 29, 2013

Things I am Loving....Easter Edition

This week I am loving.....

 A short week with Easter here already....

A week full of Easter Egg hunts for all my playgroups....

Finally the eating of Hot Cross Buns....we really only eat them over the Easter weekend despite them being in the shops for months...oh and only fruit ones too.

Watching Fraser discover that there are carrots right there to pull and eat....

Celebrating a family birthday for a new teen...

No chocolate yet till Sunday....

although there has been crafting , hot cross bun eating and fish and chip Friday and there will plenty of chocolate.....

We as a family spend time at reflecting on what Easter really means for us....we head to church a few times over the weekend and reflect on how our faith has been at times a life saver and  a place to turn too but most importantly what we stand on and hold as truth.

So Happy Easter  whether you eat fruit or no fruit buns...go to church or too much chocolate or fast from it......

Stay safe and spend time doing what makes you happy.  

Joining in with Meghan 


Thursday, March 28, 2013

My Creative Space

The Easter edition......

I took a few simple supplies......

Followed this lovely tutorial....

After a few short moments I had myself a warren of rabbits.... 

I did sneak a little chocolate rabbit in their back and then gifted them to the hard working volunteers I have with me during the week.....
 The other creative Easter crafting was done at Playgroup.....

Easter Bunny Egg Hunting bags.....
 Because no Easter is complete without the cutest bunnies and egg hunting......
(my very cute bunny niece enjoying her finds)

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Stop the Car!

I have lost count the number of times I have wanted to stop the car and snap the sunset in the last few weeks.

I seem to spend a bit of time driving kids home around this time on a couple of evening s a week.

I drive into the sunsets so they are hard to miss

It is just not always appropriate to stop and take that perfect photo

This week i encouraged Meg to grab the camera and snap the most beautiful moment of the sun peeking through the clouds

You got to be quick or else it is gone

A bit like the days really....

Blink and they are over...

Moving fast not finding the right place just to pull over and savour the moment...

Another day to go and then we are in for a 5 day break....

There are things scheduled....Good Friday church services, movies in the park, more church time, family Easter Egg Hunts...meal sharing...

Hopefully lots of time to stop  and snap the moments in the days that bring joy and a smile.        

Monday, March 25, 2013

Fun with Pearl/Water beads

One of the things I have been trying to do at playgroup each week is to provide a sensory experience for the children....and parents.

I first saw these water beads over at MNM's and the again at A little delightful  .

 I knew they were something that could be fun

It took me a little while to source them...making sure they were non toxic for the children....

I spent a couple of days "growing" them in guys had a great time playing with them...running them through their fingers...

As I hoped they would be .... a huge hit at playgroup for both the kids and the parents......they resemble "fish eggs" and have a very calming feel to them.

I placed them into my sensory tray and added on this occasion some plastic easter eggs . This was to tie in with the Easter theme we have running.
Next time I think I will add the sea creatures, fish and  shells  .

If you would like to try some for is where I sourced mine and they were really helpful and great service.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Weekend Stills

This weekend...

Great joy in watching boys play co-operatively

A little sewing in preparation for a little giveaway

A new addition to the little guys room

Whiling away some time watching favourite TV

Tea for two

Time to let the summer go

Simple foods that tasted anything but simple.

Another weekend with lots of room for play and rest.....

Into another week we go....have a good one.

Joining in with Em's stills here.    

Friday, March 22, 2013

Things I am Loving

I feel a bit like this shoe that my son tried to wear to school today .....
 It's been a busy week...too many nights out, busy days, mummy duties, wifely duties......

It hasn't been a week where I have hit all the targets either...yes there is mould in my in the bathroom sink.....pile of papers all around the computer....dishes still in my ironing pile a mile overgrown garden.

 During the course of my week and my job, I meet with lots of mums...lots.....and I have had many conversations this week about feeling like a failure, speaking tersely to children....not having enough time to be there for them all, living in messy homes.

We all do at some point in every week if not in every day.  My heart goes out to those who aren't able to see past the little bumps and know that they are doing a super job in the big picture.

Yes the tread can blow off our shoes and the seams all fall apart but we need to find people who can stand along side of us and say "hey you are doing are making a difference....even if  it is hard to see and FEEL". 

Note to self:
So be kind to yourselves...go clean the bathroom before the kids and hubby get home and then enjoy some guilt free time together....oh and find that someone who will tell you that you are doing just fine. 

So things I AM loving this week.....

A little crafting in preparation for Easter next week....( I will be sure to share soon)

Watching my guys laugh...even if I thought it was all silly

Lunch date with my hubby

Enjoying the balmier days we've had

Finding a dinosaur stuck to the roof a couple of days after having a gathering of eight year old boys

Discovering a bucket load of fun I could share with  others ( I'll show you that soon too)

Reading a great book this week    

Of course that it is Friday and we  have a fairly unscheduled weekend planned ahead of us.
 Joining in with MNM's Things I am Loving


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