Saturday, March 9, 2013

17 Today

Driving lessons and the need for a car

Year Twelve Ball and the hunt for the perfect dress

Part time jobs

Staying up late chatting to friends

Maybe even some testing of dad's  NO BOYS RULE !

Exams and stress

Deciding what to do after school is done

Laughter and tears

Lots of babysitting gigs for mum and dad

Plenty of hugs from your little brother

Sharing the bathroom, makeup and the hair straightener  with your sister

These are some of the things I imagine would be happening in your world.....

 if life had been different.....

Happy 17th Birthday Taylor Louise


  1. Beautiful post Bron. Thinking of you all today xxxx your friend L xxx

  2. Happy birthday Taylor Louise. Love you guys have a special day together.

  3. Hugs to you Bron. Happy birthday to your gorgeous Taylor. Take care. xxx

  4. beautiful post....

    ..mezz xx

  5. A beautiful post Bron. You're an amazing woman, very inspirational. I wish it could have been different for your gorgeous little girl. Hugs to you xo

  6. Sweet beautiful angel

  7. Much much love to all of you.... I missed the actual date (yesterday).. but am thinking of you guys as you remember your precious "big girl" xxxxxxxxxxx

  8. Happy 17th Birthday angel Taylor. I am sure you are having loads of fun up in heaven. If you run into my little Emma then say hi xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  9. Beautiful words Bron, I hope your weekend was okay, much love xx

  10. Happy birthday Taylor, love and miss you dearly.
    hugs to you Bron xoxo


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