Friday, March 1, 2013

Things I am Loving

This week I am loving......

 That it is Friday...and this one summons the official start to Autumn

That this weekend is a long one for us here in WA

A well over due haircut to one handsome little guy

Gadgets that allow me to listen to good stuff where ever in the house I am

Some creative pursuits accomplished  

This and This great refashion tutorials

The discovery of original tags on perfect fabric in the stash

That my swap parcel is off in the post today winging it to my secret partner

The random thoughts of a 7 year old.....".Mum there are actually five in our,mum,me ,Meg and Taylor......"   maybe it's the upcoming birthday celebrations in the next two weeks that have him thinking.......  

Joining up with Things I am Loving


Have a super fun weekend. 


  1. Hello, I haven't visited in a while and this morning you were on my mind, so here I am checking out what you have been up to. It is funny to hear you speak of Autumn when we are gearing up for Spring :)
    I love the bookmarks . . . that is the idea that I have been needing to find. My little granddaughter is trying to break her school record with reading the most books in a year, she has read over 100 books so far. This is something that I can make and insert in a card to mail. I love sending little surprises in the cards that I send her.
    You have inspired me,
    thanks you.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  2. love the eye spy book idea!

    & the red hair! BJ is very interested in the red haired boy! lol

  3. You have a fun and very sweet son! He sounds very thoughtful! That comes from very good parenting! xxx

  4. I remember when Myer was called Boans!!

  5. Love that cool hair do - so funky! That i-spy book idea looks very cool too. I'm a bit sad to see the end of summer as it has been the best one ever here but I know that I should just be grateful for it having happened! :-) Meg


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