Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Stop the Car!

I have lost count the number of times I have wanted to stop the car and snap the sunset in the last few weeks.

I seem to spend a bit of time driving kids home around this time on a couple of evening s a week.

I drive into the sunsets so they are hard to miss

It is just not always appropriate to stop and take that perfect photo

This week i encouraged Meg to grab the camera and snap the most beautiful moment of the sun peeking through the clouds

You got to be quick or else it is gone

A bit like the days really....

Blink and they are over...

Moving fast not finding the right place just to pull over and savour the moment...

Another day to go and then we are in for a 5 day break....

There are things scheduled....Good Friday church services, movies in the park, more church time, family Easter Egg Hunts...meal sharing...

Hopefully lots of time to stop  and snap the moments in the days that bring joy and a smile.        

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  1. Hi Bron, I suppose with the earlier sunsets they've just coincided with your driving times! Beautiful sunset though.


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