Friday, March 22, 2013

Things I am Loving

I feel a bit like this shoe that my son tried to wear to school today .....
 It's been a busy week...too many nights out, busy days, mummy duties, wifely duties......

It hasn't been a week where I have hit all the targets either...yes there is mould in my in the bathroom sink.....pile of papers all around the computer....dishes still in my ironing pile a mile overgrown garden.

 During the course of my week and my job, I meet with lots of mums...lots.....and I have had many conversations this week about feeling like a failure, speaking tersely to children....not having enough time to be there for them all, living in messy homes.

We all do at some point in every week if not in every day.  My heart goes out to those who aren't able to see past the little bumps and know that they are doing a super job in the big picture.

Yes the tread can blow off our shoes and the seams all fall apart but we need to find people who can stand along side of us and say "hey you are doing are making a difference....even if  it is hard to see and FEEL". 

Note to self:
So be kind to yourselves...go clean the bathroom before the kids and hubby get home and then enjoy some guilt free time together....oh and find that someone who will tell you that you are doing just fine. 

So things I AM loving this week.....

A little crafting in preparation for Easter next week....( I will be sure to share soon)

Watching my guys laugh...even if I thought it was all silly

Lunch date with my hubby

Enjoying the balmier days we've had

Finding a dinosaur stuck to the roof a couple of days after having a gathering of eight year old boys

Discovering a bucket load of fun I could share with  others ( I'll show you that soon too)

Reading a great book this week    

Of course that it is Friday and we  have a fairly unscheduled weekend planned ahead of us.
 Joining in with MNM's Things I am Loving


  1. This post is full of encouragement Bron...and as Mums and wives and running a household and holding down jobs, that's just what we need! I hope your weekend is full of fun and goodness!

  2. Awesome post Bron - I have weeks just like that - what a blessing that we get so many second chances when life doesn't pan out quite like we want.

    I think I spy some water marbles in that container - am I right?! xx

  3. Sounds like you are doing a fab job and having fun along the wway. You are a great person who knows her limits and does the best she can. My bathroom needs cleaning, has done for 2 weeks now, but I had an awesome family dinner out tonight instead and that was way better than cleaning!!

  4. Bron, this is all so true. I love the bit about seeing the bigger picture too. Hope your weekend is lovely and restful xx

  5. Lovely!

    & I did have someone tell me this week that I am doing a good job with my boys!

    At that point I was ready to fall apart but managed to hold that off till the next day at least! lol

    But hope you are doing good too in the busy days...

  6. Very Well stated!

    I am feeling similar this week.

    We are our own worst critics and sometimes loose site of how really great we are as women.

    We will often lift another when they are down... We offer words of wisdom and then hope that something we say may sink in and have a positive affect.

    I try to once in a while tell myself those words of wisdom that I would love to hear.

    You keep up the good job you are doing.

    My mother use to say the dishes will keep, the clutter will stay but this day is right now slipping away.


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