Saturday, April 30, 2011

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Friday, April 29, 2011

So many views

We spent most of today with friends on a geocaching day in our south.
The weather was perfect and the kids had a great time getting out into the wide open spaces.

We climbed quite a few high spots around the town...with some spectacular views to reward the climbs...

Fraser was so adventurous on his own climbing the hugest sand hill and having fun jumping of sandstone ledges....
The hiding places of caches never seems to disappoint....
...even if sometimes they are a little trickier to hide our intentions from the passing traffic or in this case the cafe sitter above!

Oh and much to my relief we managed to walk back in the door of home just as the "Bride" was getting into her car! So thankfully didn't miss any of the long awaited Wedding.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Another Month

It can't be another month already...can it?
( I guess with a subscription it pushes the month a little earlier)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Day 4 in Singapore

We made the most of the views and the weather by swimming a different times through each day. Our final day there we thought we would linger even longer in the atmosphere although it was a little busier due to it being Good Friday.

We lingered a little longer over macaroons and coffee....

Shared with friends over an Asian buffet for the final time ( this trip!!!)

We had such a memorable trip....albeit a very short one....special times with friends and what a huge blessing to have been gifted such a trip!

We will be back to savour more of the lush delights that Singapore has to offer that we didn't get anywhere near exploring on this trip.

Sorry for the flurry of posts I was just a little excited at revisiting  such a fun know how it is once to you hit home all seems a distant memory.

Day 3 in Singapore

We spent some time exploring the hotel complex that also included the casino, huge shopping plaza,art science museum and the Bay area...of course we did some geocaching here as well.

Art Science museum..we just wandered around the outside.

The most fascinating water feature in the centre of the shopping plaza which also had the San pan rides through the middle.

We then headed to Sentosa Island for an explore with the few short hours we had.....over by cable car ( this would normally have tested the height phobias of some but the hotel pool had rid us of that)

Small reminders that it indeed was going to be Easter on our return home.

The Merlion that Singapore is famous for...
Chair lift up the mountain....not my favourite mode of transport!

We returned  to the hotel to get ourselves ready to see 


This was another huge was awesome I would love to have had the kids with us for this!

Day 2 in Singapore

We headed back to Chinatown to do a little could we not buy a teapot and cups from here?
A little up the way Derek was keen on some porcelain chopsticks...a Chansam and fan for Meg was requested....I could have spent so much time around here but travelling with others meant keep moving..

Yum Cha meant mastering chopsticks for me. ( I told you I don't get out much)

Next on the agenda... a fish spa for our feet!!!

This proved to be one of the funniest things we did...I am not sure about the reflexology advantages but the endorphins from laughter were very beneficial...definitely a must to do with friends....nowhere as much fun on your own.

This was not something you would try if you have any kind of foot pushed each one of us to the edge of our comfort zones.

Our final destination for the day was to the Night Safari....we had fun maneuvering the public transport system at peak hour but the journey was worth the end point.....such a great place we must return to with the  kids one day...again the weather was so fantastic to be out and about in especially at night.

Day 1 in Singapore

We arrived in the early evening and once we had got our head around our hotel we set off to find some food in Chinatown...

Chili crab was on the must have list....

Derek savored every last mouthful ...I enjoyed the morsels that he extracted and passed over to me so I could avoid the mess!

There was a distinct smell that filled air as we wandered and Derek recognised it from living in Malaysia as a small child.....
Durian Fruit....
We tasted for old times sake...HMMMMM- I can see why they are a banned item to have in taxis, or enclosed premises....they stank and the taste wasn't much better...the locals just love them.

Our first night wasn't complete without a night time swim in the infinity pool...OMG it was mind blowing to be so high and see so much. The evening was so warm and still and hardly anyone around so late at night........

4 Days in......


Last week we headed to Singapore at the invitation of good friends from could we say no to a few days of fun , food, friends and the most spectacular destination?
This was our first trip abroad as adults!!! My last trip was to Bali with my parents at 17 years old. Derek's last trip was when he was 6 years old living in Hong Kong.
So with great anticipation off we went.....
We were not disappointed....we had been booked into the newest and most luxurious of hotels in Singapore...

We were on the 45th Floor over looking the Bay and the City...

I know we don't get out very often but we had never seen anything like it before...and researching it online - it did not disappoint...

The view on arrival was spectacular...full length window with sheer drop to the ground....

The view of the city was breath taking......

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

Being away this Easter meant we have returned home to a lot of this......
We did  still enjoy today a little tradition that we have been doing for a few years with just our two (they had the big family  hunt on Friday without us!)

Our little hunt involves a whole lot of misplaced household items around the house sending them off to replace the missing item which then leads them to the final destination.

This is something that I did as a small child in my family and have passed the fun on to our guys.....

The other little thing we have  started when they were born is an egg cup collection. They receive and egg cup each Easter to add to the rest.....
Meg's Collection......
Fraser's Collection.....

Hope your Easter was filled with little traditions passed onto your kids.... we did, even if we did miss half of the fun.


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