Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Day 3 in Singapore

We spent some time exploring the hotel complex that also included the casino, huge shopping plaza,art science museum and the Bay area...of course we did some geocaching here as well.

Art Science museum..we just wandered around the outside.

The most fascinating water feature in the centre of the shopping plaza which also had the San pan rides through the middle.

We then headed to Sentosa Island for an explore with the few short hours we had.....over by cable car ( this would normally have tested the height phobias of some but the hotel pool had rid us of that)

Small reminders that it indeed was going to be Easter on our return home.

The Merlion that Singapore is famous for...
Chair lift up the mountain....not my favourite mode of transport!

We returned  to the hotel to get ourselves ready to see 


This was another huge highlight.....it was awesome I would love to have had the kids with us for this!

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  1. I saw the Lion King in London! awesome show! what did you think of it? Looks like you had a wonderful time!


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