Thursday, April 7, 2011

My Creative Space

My Creative Space needed to be finishing a WIP...I have very little time to be starting anything new this side of school holidays....
So with plenty of WIP's to chose from I pulled out my rag quilt that I began making with outgrown winter pj's........
Maybe I can finish it before the winter finally arrives here......
we awoke this morning to the sound of rain...
it is the first rain we have seen since the 1st Feb....

A very welcome sight and sound even if it was just as wet under the out the gutters is on the agenda this weekend!

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  1. How wonderful to hear rain! We've had just about enough of it for a while, so happy to share. And the colours of your quilt look lovely. Hope you get plenty done.

  2. Waking to the sound of rain is just so lovely and calming, isn't it? Hope you got to attack your WIP today!

  3. Oh creating in the rain, nothing better, love Posie

  4. The rain was awesome! The sound of it on the canopy made such a row! Note to self, if I build a house I will have a tiled roof to the canopy.. muffle the sound and keep the kiddies asleep!! ;)


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