Thursday, April 14, 2011

My Creative Space

My Creative space this week is a last minute assignment for MYSELF!
Myself doesn't usually get much of a look in, but out of desperation...i.e. I could not find exactly what I was looking for in the shops......
So what else is a girl to do?

Make it to the exact requirements I was looking for.

Now with something that fits these important items , I think we are getting closer to being ready!

Grateful # 1    For being able to be resourceful in times of need.


  1. lovely bag! where are you going? nosy aren't i !


  2. Ooh what a beautiful tote and the perfect size too. So may I ask where you are jetsetting off to?

    p.s have not quite finished your book :)

  3. Very nice! Your ballet cushions are on my post today. They look really cute. Thank you.

  4. that's nice! ooh, and so is the slip dress underneath.
    have fun..shall I ask aswell.. ♥

  5. It looks great and how cool you can just whip it up just like that!
    Are you going somewhere special?


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