Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

Being away this Easter meant we have returned home to a lot of this......
We did  still enjoy today a little tradition that we have been doing for a few years with just our two (they had the big family  hunt on Friday without us!)

Our little hunt involves a whole lot of misplaced household items around the house sending them off to replace the missing item which then leads them to the final destination.

This is something that I did as a small child in my family and have passed the fun on to our guys.....

The other little thing we have  started when they were born is an egg cup collection. They receive and egg cup each Easter to add to the rest.....
Meg's Collection......
Fraser's Collection.....

Hope your Easter was filled with little traditions passed onto your kids.... we did, even if we did miss half of the fun.


  1. Looks like they had great fun. Good job you have chucks to fill all those egg cups. Mandy

  2. Aw that looks like a great time!! :) Love the egg cups! My Mum and Dad usually buy the kids easter eggs and Winter PJ's at Easter, it's cool! :)

    WE are still working through our easter eggs today!! lol

  3. How cute are those egg cups...that is a lovely tradition to have.
    Looks like a fun-packed day :)

  4. I love those egg cups - what a great idea! XOL


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