Tuesday, April 5, 2011

For me

Last weekend I found out that I had won a blog giveaway (thanks Cassie). It arrive yesterday and in the parcel was the loveliest stack of material pieces....these will be so handy for some up and coming projects I have in mind.

And the sweetest of gifts was tucked in the parcel also.......
you see back at the start of the year I was bidding on some dolls house furniture that Cassie had up for auction as part of the Qld flood relief fundraiser...unfortunately I missed out on winning this ....so how thoughtful of her to remember and pop something in that Meg will just adore having in her dolls house.

Thanks again Cassie we both loved the parcel.


  1. Oooh lucky lucky. That little chest looks divine! And well, how could you go wrong with scrummy fabric?!

  2. haha, I only just saw this. So glad that you liked it, you wrote the nicest things :D
    So do you have glory boxes for your girls? Just wondering, seeing that you had one and all.
    You have been busy since last I looked. The pool in Singapore looks amazing, and I love the PJ rag quilt, mmm, gives me ideas.


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