Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Day 2 in Singapore

We headed back to Chinatown to do a little shopping....how could we not buy a teapot and cups from here?
A little up the way Derek was keen on some porcelain chopsticks...a Chansam and fan for Meg was requested....I could have spent so much time around here but travelling with others meant keep moving..

Yum Cha meant mastering chopsticks for me. ( I told you I don't get out much)

Next on the agenda... a fish spa for our feet!!!

This proved to be one of the funniest things we did...I am not sure about the reflexology advantages but the endorphins from laughter were very beneficial...definitely a must to do with friends....nowhere as much fun on your own.

This was not something you would try if you have any kind of foot hangup.....it pushed each one of us to the edge of our comfort zones.

Our final destination for the day was to the Night Safari....we had fun maneuvering the public transport system at peak hour but the journey was worth the end point.....such a great place we must return to with the  kids one day...again the weather was so fantastic to be out and about in especially at night.

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