Sunday, October 7, 2012

Tackling big things....

Watching my little guy tackle these tyres we found on the beach during our getaway.....

made me think.......

...that the things that lie ahead of us are often large and daunting......

maybe a task, a conversation that needs to happen, a skill that needs perfecting or

maybe just something that should be seemingly mundane.......

As with my little guy, sometimes we need to tackle them with one leap at a time.....sometimes with confidence but often with trepidation.....

We will get to the other side and we will hopefully feel a sense of accomplishment....

Joining in with Sunday Snippets {again failed at the no words thing}



  1. We do indeed. Those things that look so daunting often turn out to be not so bad, dare I say it even fun sometimes!!

  2. I have heard so much about your beautiful beaches - one day I will see them! Great pics - he managed the task well:)

  3. At least if you have a go, the thought of doing it is not hanging over your head...most times however there is also a sense of accomplishment to go with the relief of having done a task. Have a great week Bron.

  4. love the pictures... really cool tyres on the beach! Looks like great fun!

  5. Love yo9ur pics Looks like great fun on those tyres! Have a nice week.

  6. Yes. You have totally failed at the no words thing... and I am so glad that you did because your words are really meaningful to me just now. So thanks for breaking the rules and sharing them with me.

  7. Amazing photos, what a great thing to have to play with on the beach!

  8. And sometimes you might have to try more than once, but at least you keep working at it! I love the picture looking through the tire!

  9. How cool, what a simple yet brilliant way to add some interest to beach play!

  10. I love it when things make you stop and think. I love the pictures it looks like a great get away! Those tires are really large.

  11. Bron this post and yesterday's message speak volumes to me and is just what I needed.
    Those tyres are awesome, love the way you have captured these images.

  12. Those tyres look like such fun, and you captured some really lovely images.
    A great metaphor for life too.

  13. Mmm, sometimes we do need to jump in... something I'm shocking at.


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