Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sunday Snippets


Lets just say there were some highs and lows to our weekend.....

a dance injury... a stunt man injury....

and what's a weekend without something sweet....

I know Sunday Snippets no words......I try.... really I do......



  1. The sweet stuff makes the injuries all better, right?!
    Hope everybody heals quickly!

  2. Uh oh! I hope she is ok.

    & he is obviously ok, even with a graze on his cheek. His smile says it all! Must have been a great stunt!

    Who had a birthday? You??? Cake looks delicious! Save some for me!

  3. Oh dear! Definitely looks like some drama in your week. Hope everyone is OK.

  4. ~~quick healing vibes for those in need of them ~~
    *happy sigh* at the cake photograph.

  5. Aw.... I hope they heal fast!

  6. Cake (and icecream) makes everything better...hope nothing was too hurt. x

  7. Oh o! I hope the dancer will heal quickly..what a disappointment it must have been for her!

  8. Hope those injuries heal quickly and that this coming week has lots of highs without any lows

  9. Oh no ouch:( I hope that everyone heals from their injuries quickly. That cake would certainly make me smile though:) xx


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