Monday, October 22, 2012

Sunday Snippets ( on Monday)

I know it's Monday but yesterday just needed to stand alone...thanks for all your thoughts and words of love.....

So joining in with weekly Sunday Snippets

Weddings are a joy.... celebrating with a young couple ....having know the groom since he was a wee lad leaves, one feeling slightly ancient.


  1. What's that saying.."time stands still for no man"..we all have our seasons don't we.

  2. Looks lovely! Nothing like a nice wedding even if it does make you feel ancient! Bummer that huh? All these little kids are getting big! The kids I used to babysit have kids the same age as mine!! lol Weird! lol Love that bride & groom paper thing. Is it the menu or something?

  3. Your post yesterday and today remind me of kahil gibran's "keep me away from the wisdom that does not cry, the philosophy that does not laugh(celebrate) and the greatness that does not bow to children
    Thinking of you and your family


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