Thursday, October 25, 2012

Dinnertime -Calzones

We have two extra big boys hanging with us for a couple of days while my sister takes a holiday.....

what to cook for dinner tonight?

My youngest sister put me onto this recipe for Calzones  
They were yummy and i think went down like a treat.....

we are big homemade pizza makers and eaters in this house so making these was very similar.

They are just like a pizza only rolled could fill them with anything that you would put on a pizza normally.

Tonight I just filled mine with cheese, bacon , pizza sauce, baby spinach and tomatoes.

Have you tried you like to make pizza's at home?     



  1. Hi Bron, What a great idea . . . I was just thinking about . . . what to fix for dinner. I sometimes get in a rut of making the same old things.
    Thanks for the sweet comment about my kitchen sign post. I can always count on you for a cheerful and encouraging word.
    Have fun with your guests . . . looks like you are feeding them very well :)
    Your blogging sister, Connie

  2. nope never made them, but off to look at the link right now! At breakfast time! lol

  3. My husband used to make the biggest and best pizzas ever from scratch for the boy's birthdays when they were about nine or ten. These days he works away and isn't really home enough to make them. Those calzones look very edible!

  4. They sound yum, will have to try them as pizza is a fav in this house too

  5. Ooh I have never heard of these but they sound so good. We are huge homemade pizza lovers here so I think these will go down a treat. Might add them to next weeks menu plan :)


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