Monday, October 8, 2012


Not nearly enough of it goes on in this household....


Not between any of us.....

But today was date day for me and the little guy

{Meg was off dancing, Hubby at work}

We started with hot chocolates, milkshakes and more chocolate......

A stroll along the water 

a little stone throwing....

{I know but he is seven and there was water and stones around....... }

Then off to the movies.....


was the choice {thankfully} 
 It was nice to have some one on one time with him....
he is growing up so fast......

Now to work on getting that DATE WITH  THE HUBBY!!!!

Do you get to go on lots of dates??


  1. Lovely to hear about your date with your son. you are so right - the years just fly by. Two of my 'babies' are at the end of year 12 and going to uni next year, it only seems like yesterday they were real bubs :)

  2. Sounds lovely! I will def do this with my boys too... lol

    Love your pic of the cannon... mine turned out blurry & yuck cos of the bad light & moving kid! lol

    Hope you get a date with hubby soon!

  3. Oh I love this Bron, sadly these days one on one time with our tribe is getting harder...must make it a priority.

  4. I have a fantastic Mum and Dad who come and mind the kids, so hubby can come out to do sound/lights for our gigs... so we usually turn those nights into dates... go out and hang out together before the gig..have a meal etc.. I love it! Then yesterday, my son was staying up North with his cousins, and Kendyl was in daycare, and hubby tracked me down shopping in town, and whisked me off for a delicious sushi lunch, before dropping me back to continue more shopping... was fun! I also get lots of time with Miss 3, but try to get out and alone with Master 8 as much as possible.. (unfortunately our last time solely us together was last week in A&E when they thought he had meningitis!!!). Not exactly the kind of "date" you wanna remember! .....oh and PS: I know what you mean about water, stones and young men!!! haha. x

  5. Oh Bron, love this post. Gorgeous pics of your handsome boy and the one of you two together is so lovely. I think date days sound just wonderful. I enjoy my one on one time with my littlest when the eldest is at preschool... but somehow I think the dates when they're a bit older will be more fun :) xo

  6. Could you please take me on that date too (if that doesn't sound too weird!!) - it all looked perfect to me (I still like throwing stones in to the water!)

  7. Oh how lovely - I find I never get enough one on one time with our girls - we tend to all go places together.
    This is a great idea - to have a 'date' with one of your children.

  8. A date with one of your children sounds like fun, I bet that he enjoyed having you all to himself. I love his choice of morning tea too:)

  9. It's been a while but that looks like something I need to arrange again! Your son looks like he has such a sweet heart! Both your children have great parents! They are very blessed children and I can see that you feel blessed to have them!


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