Friday, November 30, 2012

oooh a proud mummy moment....

Couldn't contain my "proudness" so just had to share......


Meg had her final dance school concert tonight ....

It was a full dance card for her performing 7 routines both in Hip Hop and contemporary....

She also performed her first ever contemporary dance solo which she totally choreographed and costume designed herself......

I found myself holding my breath I was so nervous for her.....

I needn't have worried ..she received high accolades from a dancer in the profession....

(and took off her hip-hop class award)

She loves her dance and we couldn't have been more proud of her maturity and beauty in the way she dances...

OK sorry proud mummy moment over....this was for her to remember  and smile time to come.  


  1. WOW beautiful & talented - congratulations on striving to achieve your best Meg - keep making your Mum proud! x

  2. No you mustn't apologise at all Bron! I don't blame you at all! Well done to Meg & her achievements! What an awesome thing!

  3. Hi Bron..can't blame you for being proud of your girl and her wonderful achievements! Well done Meg.

  4. AWESOME MEG!!! Boy you have grown up!!!!

  5. that is fantastic, well done Meg!

  6. Ps be proud Mummy be proud. You never need an excuse :)

  7. Aw so sweet! I remember those years when my two were in dance! Five years of sweet happiness. Did you get video? I did and we still watch them today. When my son has his children it will be fun to show his kids what their father could do when he was younger lol

  8. and she is also incrediby beautiful


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