Monday, November 26, 2012

A little Yarn Bombing....


Out and about with my man today.....

he was not as amused with our find as I was...

No appreciation for the humble yarn bombing..

and not just one but a whole mall full of creative endeavors...

My man being a cyclist just couldn't understand why you would do that to a bike...and did someone actually have to ride it like that!!!

Oh the sights you see when you have your eyes open and have time to wander aimlessly.

(oh we even worked out how to catch a bus too...not rocket science we discovered, just not something either of us had done for a very very long time)    


  1. Oh I do love a good yarn bomb and I know that Anthony would not appreciate it quite like I would.

  2. hahaha... Men!
    But it's cute isn't it!

  3. Some people certainly have a sense of humour, I'm sure all that yarn bombing made a lot of people smile, although I'm not sure about the phone booth!!
    Think that one may be a bit of a cheat....

    Claire x

  4. classic! My hubby saw some yarn bombing in Freo the other day and said "what twits would do that to a tree."
    glad I found your blog!


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