Saturday, November 3, 2012

REinventing this week.....

I gave you a sneak look at the beginnings of this project last week.......

Now finished........ 
A skirt and shirt to a dress......

Thought it needed just a little something extra.......

Meg takes most of the photos and I think I have created a monster......the creative shots she is most proud of.......
Bit wet here this weekend.....hope yours is going well.

Thanks for popping in for a looksie.


  1. Love it Bron and those flowers are an inspiration. x

  2. You are so clever Bron! Wow-wee! Gorg and I love pink and grey.

  3. Saw the link from Jody's facebook page and had to come over and look. So glad I did. Amazing creative work!

  4. Hi Bron, i have loved seeing all of your fabulous reinventions, the possibilities are endless! the flowers on this dress are just gorgeous as is the dress itself.


  5. gee that is really clever! Who would have thought of that! Not me! Great job!

  6. Looks fabulous and isn't it a great pattern and so comfy to wear


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