Friday, November 9, 2012

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This is part four in a series of projects I have done for friends using their Grandmother's supper cloth......

You can see the other three projects here, here and here

 The brief was blue, apron, not too much lace....and of course the 4th embroidered corner of the supper cloth......

I have enjoyed the challenge...although stressful using a precious piece of fabric.....
Hopefully they will all be happy in their new homes.....

Very satisfying proving new life to something old...especially making one into four new projects.....
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  1. What a beautiful apron! The others were just as beautiful too. I'm sure your friends will cherish them.

  2. It is STUNNING!!! What pure delight!!!

  3. Love the blue fabric the apron is done in! Looks terrific! Well done!

  4. I have been fascinated with aprons since I was a child and stood in the kitchen with my grandmother while she cooked with her apron on. I can remember thinking she wasn't dressed unless she had one on. I love that she had over fifteen aprons or so that she wore. One for each season and also for each holiday. She even had a waist apron that was made from a see through shear material with ruffles that I thought was elegant and wished as a child for one myself. This post provoked long lost memories and makes me think today that I can have any apron I wish now I must sew one up for Christmas this year. Oh now I am excited :-)

  5. Thanks Bron, I love my apron :) You have done a great job and Nana would have loved that her cloth isn't just sitting in a drawer somewhere. Thanks Nxx
    PS Is it ok if I copy your photo of the apron and put it on my blog?


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