Monday, November 19, 2012

Homemade remedy

I haven't been feeling all that well the last couple of months.....
I finally headed to the Dr's today and the possible reason is IBS

helpful to know their any real instant

Now you also need to know I live with a fit guy....
he runs,rides and swims with some ease....

He offered me a remedy that he assured me would help with how I am feeling.....

Jump on your bike and go with him while he ran ......

not my idea of making me feel better at all....

but I could see he meant well and was up for the company....

Verdict... not as bad as I thought....a cure? maybe not but he may have a point that some exercise might be just what my body needs....

meanwhile I will be trying to implement some other ideas to help with how I am feeling...

Any suggestions? 



  1. Sorry to hear you're not feeling well Bron - I'm sure by 2:30 Friday we'll have found a cure. x

  2. When I was "diagnosed" with IBS 10yrs ago, my dr basically said they often use the term to explain any gut issues that aren't suspicious, and that I'd need to play detective with figuring out what foods trigger a reaction in me.
    My triggers include dairy, wheat, fructose and caffeine...all the good things! Exercise and relaxation helps, as does limiting stressors.
    Good luck!! It truly does suck xx

  3. Oh bummer. That's a tricky one. No helpful hints sorry. It's a weird one to try to help that one is.

    But have fun riding a bike!

  4. Stink!!
    Have you tried examining your diet for possible triggers? Usually wheat & dairy are big ones.
    I usually find pasta, bread, red meat and dairy are triggers for me.

  5. Sigh.....I haven't made it to the dr yet on this one but am pretty sure I'll get the same diagnosis. I've noticed a few foods that affect me but haven't seriously looked into it yet (bit too scared maybe?? what will I have to give up??) I have noticed though that stress makes it much much worse and than going for walk does help. Good luck xx


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