Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sunday Snippets


Ever been to a surprise wedding?
I have once before...

Today we had a surprise wedding at church...well I knew it was happening but most of the church attenders didn't....

How cool to just get married ...without all the extra stress that comes with planning a traditional wedding....  
How fun to be at an event and then find you are part of a beautiful celebration?

Stuff  good weekends are made of...

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Thanks Sis for the beautiful photos. xx.



  1. yes I have! It's great isn't it! Looks lovely!

  2. I'd LOVE to attend one... Sounds like fun
    Ellen xx

  3. Oh man. So sad we missed it!!
    I was at home in bed feeling sorry for myself because we are all full of cold in this house.
    Who got married?

  4. Beautiful photos. And a surprise wedding, how fun.

  5. I have too...but I love 'em..all the elements are there but the hype! They are pared back to the things that matter. This one looks gorgeous.

  6. Oh oh oh! I know where you go to church because I know the groom and I knew this was happening!! 'R' is a fantastic person, we went to the same church in WA until we moved to NSW this year. He and his combi van looked after our house last year when we went interstate. So exciting, I knew this was happening so its been great to see the photos!

  7. Hey Bron,
    What gorgeous photos! You've really captured the love in the room.
    Just wanted to let you know that I'm hosting another (albeit gentler and more introspective) blog challenge over the month of December called #reverb12. Would be so rapt if you joined us!
    There's a little giveaway too. :-)
    Details here:
    Take care,
    Kat xxx

  8. I was completely overwhelmed at witnessing this was just so special and even though I don't know the couple I was holding back happy tears.

  9. Ah, the answer to that is that I saw their wedding photos so recognised the colours and the cake etc... too. You were very discreet :)


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