Friday, November 2, 2012

Things I am Loving....

This week I am loving......

Dark skies that gave a little moisture to the garden...

Horses created at playgroup

The crisp feeling of the garden first thing in the morning

A clever idea shared 

Another day spent with creative friends

Wearing my newly REinvented skirt back to class this week

The very creative Mr in my life........

quote of the week.......

"Meg.... we just saw on the way some policeman taking drugs!!!!!"
(referring to the random breath and drug testing road block set up)

Fraser aged 7 years  

Joining in with other lovelies here.


  1. Always love the variety in your Loving. That's a cute horsie and I love the quote - kids say the best things!!

  2. awesome work on the clothing!
    So your hubby is in a band? Tell us more about his music! What sort? He plays guitar & anything else?

  3. Bahaha don't you love how kids phrase things :)

    Loving your new grey skirt btw!

  4. Loving your rain picture this week..don't mind if it rains more here either!

  5. Love the rain! I get my best rest in the rain. We are having a drought here so not much rain in our fall. Next week it's going to be hot... Weird weather lately

    Cute little horse... I have saved my children's cute art projects over the years and I get them out every now and then. One year I purchased a photo album and as a family we filled it up once a week with things that were important to each of us. Like art, tickets to a movie or pictures. Someone even added a piece of birthday wrap. That album is so full it will not close right but the memories are bursting in that treasured book and we have fun reading through it from time to time

  6. oh that little horse is so cute! And I love hearing kids perspectives on things...too cute.

  7. Love the horse too, and the quote - precious!

  8. I do like signs of good rain and the crispness of the morning before the heat of the day sets in. xx


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