Sunday, November 25, 2012

REinventing this week

My sneak peek last week was of this jacket that I was working on......
It has actually lived out many years in the kids dress-up box and seen much fun....

 But no longer......


Jody helped me transform a beautiful but dowdy velvet jacket into something so lovely

and I took the opportunity of displaying my Tie Rose  too...... 

 Looking forward to a  cooler day to wear it......


  1. wow! Great job! You will be waiting a while for cool weather though!

  2. That is just 100% brilliant. The tie rose just completes the look so well. You're truly amazing. Love it!!!

    ... as for finding a cool day any time soon... good luck with that! (Me thinks you might be waiting a wee while)

  3. Gorgeous Blue.It looks so much better..very inspiring. Our dress up box has a few treasures waiting for a new life.Must have a squirrel about.

  4. Hey Bron another amazing reinvention.......
    Just wondering how the process works? Do you start off with an idea or workshop it with Jody?
    I would love to be brave enough to snip into things and start refashioning them.

    Claire x

  5. Nice job, I really love this!!
    Best not to leave it laying around when I'm around then ;)

  6. that is fantastic Bron - really stylish


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